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Great Improvement
Gas Burners
Important To
Consumers Of Gas.
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Outside & Inside View
Rays Premium
Empire Gas Burner

Patented June, 1858.

This Burner has been used with eminent success in all the principal Eastern cities. Upwards of 20,000 of them are
now in une, and they arc daily growing in favor, and taking the place of all other inventions for a similar purpose.

Numerous testimonials have been received, from scientific and practical men, who have had the Burners in use for
the past two years with great satisfaction.

In point of Economy it is superior, while its Mechanical construction is such as to render it more desirable than any
other Burner ever before offered to the public.

It Is Warranted To Save From 25 To 30 Per Cent. Of Gas
Over The Common Burner. And
Pkoduce An Equal Amount Of Light,
Being perfectly simple in its construction, it is not liable to get out of order. It is well known, however, that
all Burners gotten up to economize in the use of Gas are more less liable to fill up. One of the many advantages the
Empire Burner possesses over the Burners in general use, is, the facility with which it may be cleaned, by unscrewing
and removing the top part of the hurner; the Cone, or Purifier, can readily be taken out, and the coal tar, or other
deleterious substances contained in Gas, and which may deposit on its exterior, may be easily removed, thus rendering
the Burner as good as new.

☞ The following are among the many testimonials already received, tending to show the just appreciation of the
merits of this burner over many other inventions of a similar character :

Office Chicaoo Gas Light and Coke Company, Chicago, Jan. 1st, 1858.

Mr.R. H.Ray-Sir, : In referenee to the Empire Burner I say, without hesitation, it is the best I ever used. My
opinion is, this Burner will save at least thirty percent, over the bat wing or flsh tail burners, and give as good, if not
a better light. The ease and facility with which this burner can be cleaned is a great recommendation to it, as well as
the great saving in gas. Respectfully, P, T. Burtl3, Supt, Chicago Gas Works.

Office Louisville Gas Co., September5th, 1857

I have tested the Empire Gas Burner. and find it an excellent Burner. It gives a fine, steady flame, and, by its pecu-
liar construction, checks the flow of Gas, and thus, to a great extent, prevents the extravagant consumption. The
Empire Burner is the best Gas Burner I have tried. Robt.G. Courtenay, Prest, Louisville Gas Co.

To A.H.Ray, , St. Louis, Mo.

Office of the Gas Co., Springfield. Iii., Dec. 26th, 1857.

I hereby certify that I have made a practical test of the Empire Gas Burner, and find that they consume no more Gas
than each Burner is marked, viz.. 3, 4 and 5 feet per hour. By their peculiar construction they prevent the Gas from
blowing, improve the appearance of the light, and consume less Gas than any other Burner now in use.

John Keats. Superintendent Gas Works, Springfield.

A. H.Ray, ,
Manufactory and Office, No. 90 Locust Street,
Near Fourth, St. Louis.