St. Louis directory :
Rummler P. & A. , (Peter and Adam Rummler,)
boots and shoes , 112 Biddle
Rummoff, Amie, lab.laborer , bds.ns.north side Elm b.between Main and 2nd
Rump, Deidrich H., lab.laborer , n. Market b.between 13th and 14th
Rump, Frederick H., engineer , 202 Market
Rump, Henry, pumpmaker , ns. Market bet.between 14th
and 15th
Rumpff, Joseph D., printer , bds. Market b.between 3d and 4th
Rumstein, Frederick, painter , bds.boards 31 n.north 12th
Rumble, George, carpenter , bds, 270 Franklin av
Rund, Catharine, wid.widow Nicholas, es.east side Broadway b.between Bu-
chanan and Angelrodt
Runder, Michael, butcher , side Broadway b.between Buchanan
and Angelrodt
Runder, Jacob, saddler , ss. Montgomery bet.between 9th
and 10th
Runetz, William, lab.laborer , Washington foundry
Rung, Joseph, plasterer , ws. Closey nr. Julia
Runk, Jacob, lab.laborer , bds. 254 Market
Runkel, Michael, cooper , bds. 1 Gay
Runkel, Michael, tanner , ss. Victor b.between Jackson and
Runlet, Theodore, lab.laborer , nr. Market bet.between 3d
and 4th
Runyan, Benjamin M., (Runyan, Hillman &
Bros.) aud prest.Mech. &, Lumb.Ins.Co. , Wal-
nutse.south east c.corner> 6th
Runyan, Robinson G., foreman , James A.
Rogers & Son , side Collins bet. Ashley and
Runyan, , Hillman & Bros. , (Benjamin, M.Run-, , Charles, E., and George, W.Hillman,)
ironwarehouse, 15 n.north Levee
Rupartus, Michael, bricklayer , side Columbus bet.between
Lesperance and Picotte
Rupert, Gottlieb, shoemaker , r. Buena Vista nr. Gra-
vois rd
Rupert, Jacob, millinery store , 303s.south 4th; r.residence 278s.south 4th
Rupold, B., al.alley nr. Carr b.between 8th and 9th
Runn, Lonis, plasterer , 18th b.between Wash and Franklin av
Ruppel, Henry, cabinetmaker , Wash c.corner> 16th
Ruppenthal, Charles, baker , 170 Franklin av
Ruppert, Charles J., soap and candle manf. , al.alley bet.between
Carondelet av.avenue and 7th nr. Marion
Ruppert, Franz, tinsmith , ss. Carroll nr. Caronde-
let avavenue>
Ruppert, George, lab.laborer , ns. Emmet nr. Menard
Ruppert, Michael, barber , 284s.south 5th
Ruppert, William, shoemaker , 328s.south 5th
Ruprecht, Louis, bookbinder , al.alley b.between Main and 2nd nr.
Rupshlager, William, bds. 15 Franklin av
Rur, Joseph, cooper , side Columbia b.between Marion and
Rusche, John, saloon, 49 Morgan
Ruachenburg, Francis, porter , Bridges, Beach & Co
Ruschbaudt, August L., cooper , 7th bet.between Gratiot and
Chouteau av
Rush, James, cooper , bds. 34s.south 10th
Rush, James W., (Rush & Brother,) r. 21 Wash
Rush, Philip, (Rush & Bro.) 21 Wash
Rush & Brother , (Philip & James W.) produce
dealers , 183 Broadway
Rushebeck, John, wagontrimmer , Soulard, c.Fulton
Rusher, Jacob, boardinghouse, 29 Cherry
Rushke, August, tailor , bds. 306s.south 3d
Rushke, Edward, teacher Lutheran church school , r.
306s.south 3d
Rushton, Richard, clerk , 45 Green
Rusk, Frederick, lab.laborer , ns. Soulard near Menard
Rusler, Henry, wagonmaker , ss. Emmet nr. Ham-
tramck av
Russ, James, ropemaker , side Bellefontaine road
b. Angelrodt and Destrehan
Russ, John, tailor , 159 n.north 4th
Russack, Isaac, clothingstore, 777 Broadway
Russel, Alfred, clerk , r. 120 n.north 7th
Russel, David, engineer , bds. 38s.south 10th
Russel, Edward, carpeuter , Carr b.between 20th and 21st
Russel, Ishan, steamboat watchman , c.corner> Mound
and 9th
Russel, John, boilermaker , r. 27 Chambers
Russel, John, bookpeddler. Laclede near Ewing
Russel, Philip, baker , se.c.corner> Ann av.avenue and Decatur
Russell, Amelia T., seamstress, 45 Walnut
Russell, Calvin R., teamster , east c.corner> 2d and Ferry
Russell, Charles, watchmaker , bds. 139 Christy avavenue>
Russell, Charles E., bricklayer , bds. Washington
Russell, Charles E., stove dealer , 81 Market;
r.s.south 8th near Hickory
Russell, Charles S., 64 n.north 2d: r.residence 289 Olive
Russell, Edward, carpenter , bds. 89 Green
Russell, Edward T., plasterer , 198 n.north 14th
Russell, Edwin, puddler , east c.corner> 2ds.south Ferry
Russell, Isaiah, steamboatcaptain , 257 Franklin av
Russell, James, pilot ,, 9th b.between Spring and Wright
Russell, John, cooper , side 8th b.between Biddle and
Russell, John G., clerk , Parker, Russell & Co. , r. in
the country
Russell, Joseph S., fireman engine 2, r.residence engine
Russell, Mary, wid.widow James, , ws. 12th b.between Benton and n.north
Russell, Mary, wid.widow Robert , Labadie nears.south 5th
Russell, Oswald 0., clerk , 120 n.north 7th
Russell, P.C, bookkeeper , R.H. Davia & Co., bds ,
Atlantic Hotel
Russell, Patrick, hackman , bds.P. Coogan
Russell, Patrick, lab.laborer , 169 n.north llth
Russell, Patrick, shoemaker , 206 Biddle
Russell, Samuel, 184 Olive
Russell, T.Sydney, bookkeeper , Betts, Millen & Wy-
man , 93 n.north 8th
Russell, Thomas, (A. Leitch & Co.) bda.sw.south west c.corner> 4th
and Elm
Russell, Thomas, saloon, 51 Almond
Russell, Thomas, watchman , I.M.R.R., 30 Plum
Russell, Thomas G., bookkeeper , M.S. Mepham &
Bro. , Olive w.west 8th
Russell, Thomas P., liverystable , ss. Franklin av.avenue b.between
18th and 19th
Russell, Timothy, drayman , 327 Morgan
Russell, Trumbull G., (Parker, Russell &. Co.) r. 295
Russell, W.McN., physician , office 64 Olive
Russell, William H., (Henry T. Taylor & Co.) r.
Grand av
Russell, William P., carpenter , Carr c.corner> 14th
Russum, James H., carpenter , r.sw.south west c.corner> Carondelet
and Russel av
Rust, Adolph, clerk , Boatmen's sav.ins., r.residence Walnut
b. 2d and 3d
Rust, Augustus, porter , 130 n.north 9th
Rust, Bernard, porter , 2d b.between Myrtle and Spruce
Rust, John C., (Adolphus Meier & Co.) Lafay-
ette b.between Mississippi and McNair avs
Rust, William, cigarmaker , bds, 45 Locust
Ruste, August, carpenter , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> Biddle and llth
Rosz, Ignatz, ropemaker , bds.sw.south west c.corner> Beliefontaine
road and Mallinckrodt
Rutenstranch, Henry, carpenter , east c.corner> Wood and
Ruter, Harman, shoemaker , bds. 8th near Wash
Ruter, Henry, cooper , bds. Gravois road near Eliza
Rutgers, William, brickmaker , side Geyer av.avenue b.between
Menard and Rosatti
Rutgers, Pelagie, wid.widow Lewis, 319s.south 7th
Ruth, Charles G., bookkeeper , Evening News, r.residence rear
Wedge House
Ruth, Dudley L., bookkeeper , State savgs.inst., r.residence 53
Ruth, Francis, carpenter , es. Targee bet.between Spruce and
Clark av
Ruth, Mary B., wid.widow William, , 53 Collins
Ruthenburg, Julius, drygoods , 34 Franklin av
Rutherford, Archibald S., 70s.south 5th
Rutherford, Eliza A., wid.widow Joseph, , 282 Franklin av
Rutherford, James, shoestore , 240 Broadway; r.residence es.east side
14th b.between Chambers and Marion