St. Louis directory :
Ryneal, George, carpenter , bds. 47 n.north 12th
Ryner, Ratinger, elk, , r. 206 Franklin avavenue>
Ryssier, JohnF.F., bootfitter , 151 n.north 6th; bds.boards 51
Franklin av
Ryster, Jacob, musician , Park av.avenue b.between 9th and 10th
St. AndreNicholas, , cigarmaker , bds. Chambers
c. Broadway
St. Ann'S R.C.Asylum, , O'Fallonse.south east c.corner> 10th
St. Bridget'S Church , R.C, 25th b.between Carr and
St. Charles Hotel , L. Kock, prop'r,800 Broad-
St. ClairCharles, , boarding house, 273 Broadway
St. ClairJoseph , collector , 25s.south 7th
St. ClaireJohn, , mate, es. 9th b.between Salisbury and Farrar
St. Francis Xavier'S Church , R,C, 9th nw.northwest
c. Green
St. George Market , located nw.northwest c.corner> Carondelet
av.avenue and Sidney
St. George'S Church , Episcopal, Locust b. 7th
and 8th
St . JohnJohn, , watchman , 229 n.north 9th
St. JohnPatrick, , lab,, al.alley , r.residence Market b.between 8th and 9th
St. JohnWilliam, , 143 Walnut.
St. JohnWilliam, , mattresamaker , 21 Benton
St. John'S Episcopal Church , Spruce c. 5th
St. John'S Church , evangelical , se.c.corner> Madison
and 14th
St. John'S Church , R.C., es. 16th bet.between Pine and
St. John'S Nepomucu, R.C. Church , (Bohe-
mian ,) Rosatti c.Soulard,
St. Joseph'S Church, R.C , (German ,) Biddle
c. llth
St. Joseph'S Convent Of Mercy , 188 Morgan
St. Joseph'S German Catholic School ,
llth b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
St. Joseph'S Half-Orphan Asylum , Marion
nw.c.corner> Fulton
St. Joseph'S R.C. Church , Biddle c.corner> llth
St. Lawrence O'Toole'S R.C Church ,
O'Fallon c.corner> 14th
St. Liborius' Church, R.C , (German,) 19th
near Monroe
St. Louis Agricultural And Mechani-
Cal Association , 65 Chesnut
St. Louis, Alton And Chicago Railroad ,
office, 6 City bldgs.; freight depot, 19 Levee,
(See advt.)
St. Louis Bagging And Rope Co. , 35 Chesnut
St. Louis Building And Saving Associa-
Tion , 49 n.north 2nd
St. Louis Car Wheel Co. , D. P.Green, , supt.superintendant ,
ne.c.corner> Broadway and Palm
St. Louis Car Works , nw.c.corner> Palm and 2nd
St. Louis Christian Advocate , 78 and 80
Pine. D.R. MoAnally, editor
St. Louis Coal Oil Works , (J.R, Finlay &
Co.prop'rs) , se.c.corner> 14th and Austin ; depot, 127
n. 2nd. (See advt.)
St. Louis Cotton Factory , (Adolphus Meier
& Co. agts.,) 23 n.north Main
St. Louis Daily Morning Herald , 21 Market
St. Louis Daily And Weekly Express ,
nw.c.corner> Pine and 3d
St. Louis Domicile Saving And Loan As-
Sociation , 19 Market
St. Louis Dry Docks , (Sectional Dock Co.,)
Levee b.between Mulberry and Lombard
St. Louis Excelsior Foundry , (James G.
McPheeters prop'r, ) Clark av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner> Sth. (See
St. Louis Female Seminary , ss. Chesnut b.between
10th aud llth
St. Louis Fire And Marine Insurance Co. ,
2nd c.corner> Market. (See card.)
St. Louis Floating Dock And Insurance
Co. , 69 n.north Main
St. Louis Gas Light Co. works , Convent c.corner> s.south
2nd; office, 31 Pine
St. Louis Glass Co. works , Broadway c Mon-
roe ; office, 27 n.north 3d
St. Louis Hall, 5th c.corner> Biddle
St. Louis Hat And Bonnet Bleacheby ,
(Isaac Tiffany prop'r,) 79 Pine
St. Louis Hospital , 4th c.corner> Spruce
St. Louis Hotel , (Michael Mielke, proprietor,)
77 and 79 n.north 3d
St. Louis Insurance Company , 68 n.north Main.
(See advt.)
St. Louis Iron Railing Manufactory
And Architectural Foundry , Chesnut
ne.c.corner> 10th. (See adol.)
St. Louis Medical College , 7th c.corner> Myrtle
St. Louis Museum, 112 Market; Silas M. Brooks
St. Louis Mutual Fire And Marine Insu-
Rance Co. , n. 2nd ne.northeast c.corner> Market. (See advt.)
St. Louis Mutual Life Insurance Co. , Pine
se.c.corner> 2nd, (entrance on Pine.)
St. Louis Observer , nw.c.corner> 3d and Pine
St. Louis Perpetual Insurance Co. , Main
ne.c.corner> Olive. (See advt.)
St. Louis Presbyterian , 88 Market
St. Louis Price Current And Reporter ,
Merchants' Exchange bldg
St. Louis Shot Tower Co. , 38 Commercial
St. Louis Steam Forge , Main b.between Mulberry and
St. Louis Theater , ns. Pine b.between 3d and 4th
St. Louis Times , (H.H. Simmons &. Co.prop'rs,)
Olive nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
St. Louis Type And Stereotype Foundry ,
(Ladew, Peprs & Co..) 197 Main. (See advt.)
St. Louis University , b. Green and Washing-
ton av.avenue w.west of 9th. (See advt.)
St. Louis And Iron Mountain Railroad
office , sw.c.corner> Main and Chesnut; depot,s.south Main
b. Plum and Cedar
St. Louis And Missouri River Telegraph
office, 10 Chesnut
St. Mark'S Church , evangelical , nw.c.corner> Jackson
and Soulard
St. Mary'S Church , R . C.German, , 3d bet. Mul-
berry and Cedar
St. Mary'S R.C. Orphan Asylum , Biddle ne-
c. 10th
St. Michael'S Church , R.C, Jefferson c.corner> 11th
St. Michel Edward , salesman , Ubsdell, Peirson &
Co. , bds. 170 01ive
St. Patrick'S Church , R.C, 6th c.corner> Biddle
St. Paul'S Church , Episcopal, 17th c.corner> Olive
St. Paul'S Church , German evangelical , Deca-
tur b.between Lafayette and Geyer av
Sts. Peter And Paul'S Church , R. C.Ger-, , 7th ne.northeast c.corner> Allen av
St. Peter'S German Evangelic'L Church ,
Carr c.corner> l5th
St. Philomela Orphan Asylum , 5th co. r
St. Pierre Edmund , drayman , Monroe b.between 15th & 16th
St. Vincent De Paul, R.C. church , Decatur c.corner>
Park av
St. Vincent Cemetery . Park av.avenue c.corner> Jefferson avavenue>
St. Vincent'S German Male And Female
Orphan Asylum , 20th bet.between Cass avenue and
St. Vincent'S Insane Asylum , 9thse.south east cor.
St. Vrain, CharlesD., printer , r. 135 n.north 5th
Saabeck, Barbara, widow, rear 36 Myrtle
Saalfeld Louis, lagerbeersaloon, es.east side Decatur b.between
Carroll and Soulard
Saalkamp, Ernst, sawyer , Geyer av.avenue c.corner> Decatur
Sabah, Moses, cigardealer , 65 n.north 2d; bds.boards 165 Broad'y
Siiber, Joseph, lab.laborer , nw.c.corner> Decatur and Soulard
Sable, Daniel, lab.laborer , ss. Franklin av.avenue near 23d
Scalaben, Frederick, r.residence rear 357 n.north llth
Sachlebend, Henry, cooper , es. 3d b.between Hazel and Con-
vent rear 208