St. Louis directory :
Sachristan, Bernard, ss. Chesnut b.between 7th and 8th
Sacls, Carl, wagonmaker , 858 Broadway
Sachs, leiac, clerk , 118 n.north 3d
Sachs, John, cabinetmaker , rear 168 n.north 14th
Sachs, Louis, capmaker , r. 63 Franklin avavenue>
Sachsenmeier, Bernard, saloon, Leveesw.south west c, Plam
Sacjt;enem George, cooper, r.residence 55 Chambers
Sackett, Charles, sb. pilot, 192 n.north 17th
Saddle, Frank, stonecutter , east c.corner> Pleotte and Ca-
rondelet av
Saddlemeyer, John H., tailor , r. alley b.between s.south 2d and 4th
near Convent
Saddler, George, butcher , r. 444 Crrondelet avavenue>
Saddler, John B., painter , 174 Wash
Saeger, Frederick, cigarmaker . r. 667 Broadway
Sacler, Martin, baker , side Carondelet av.avenue near
Geyer av
Saclters, Charles, bds, 3s.south 2d
Sacmar, Macnard, milkman , Marqnette bet.between Buena
Vista and 2d Carondelet avavenue>
Saepp, Caurad, policeman , side Geyer av.avenue b.between Menard
and Rosatti
Saettele, Max, teacher , es. Decatur b.between Lafayette
and Geyer avs
Safford, Charles, laborer , alley nr. Emmet b.between Jackson
and Columbus
Saffron, William, stovemoulder , side Lafayette b.between
Jackson and columbas
Safort, Charles, lab.laborer , ws. 14th near Angelica
Sagar, Frederick, cabinetmaker , 18th b.between O'Fallon
and Biddle
Sage, Cornwell, builder , 241 n.north 7th; res. 326
n. 6th
Sagehorn, Detrich, brokkeeper , rear 238 Biddle
Sager, Phillip, lab.laborer , es. Columbus b.between Lesperance and
Sagel, Louis, blacksmith , bds. 9 b.between Biddle & O'Fallon
Sahihe, Herman, lab.laborer , ss. Mouroe b.between 13th and 14th
Sahler, Joseph, tailor , ss,bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
Sailor, George, cooper , bds,es.east side 9th bet.between Salisbury and
Saity, George, lab.laborer , bds.boards Arbieter Hall
Sakmann, Bernhard, (C. Armbrecht & Co. )r.s.south 4th
ne.c.corner> Myrtle
Salaten, Antoine. sb. saloon, r. alley b.between Jackson and
Columbus near Marion
Salem, Cemetery, St. Charles road, 7 miles from
Sale, Thomas H., carpenter , bds.boards 35 n.north 16th
Saler, Francis, bookseller 39 and 41 Convent;
publisher Tages Chronic, 11 Chesnut, and lum-
ber dealer, 386s.south 2d; r.residence 333s.south 3d
Saler, Henry, grocer , es. Jackson b.between Marion & Barry
Saler, Henry, lab.laborer , ws. Columbus b.between Marion & Barry
Salfeld, August D., slerk, 248 Broadway
Sali, Jacob, eonfectioner, bds. 50 Washington av
Salin, Eugene, boilermanfr., 3dnr. Lombard
Salisbury, Laura F., teacher , Long & Gilbert. r.residence sw.south west
r. 8th and Locust
Salisbury, Mary B., wid.widow , 106s.south 5th
Salisbury, Thomas L., sec. Home Mutual ins.
co., r.residence ws.west side Papin av.avenue b.between St. Charles stone road
and St. Charles plank road
Salisbury, William L., salesman , Charles Rogers, bds
22St. Charles
Saliva, Matthias, lab.laborer , ns. Soulard nr. Rosatil
Salley, Joseph, cooper , side Christy av.avenue nr. 21st
Salls, Georgy, bricklayer , r.ns.north side Mallinckrodt nr. 12th
Salmon, Herman, porter , E. Eggers & Co. , c.n.north Mar-
ket and 14th
Salmering, William, (Salmering & Beiring,) 33 Elm
Salmering & Beiring , (William, Salmering and J.
AntonBeiring., ) eigars, tobacco, & c., 53s.south 4th
Salomon, Charles E., county surveyor, court
house, r.residence Winter b.between 9th and South
Salorgne, Theodore, carriagemanfr., 8thse.south east c.corner> St.
Salsbury, William. bet.between Columbus and Jackson
nr. Caroll
Salsman, Christopher, lab.laborer , ws. 2d b.between Destrehan and
Salsman, Alexander, carpenter , r. 59 Chridy av
Salter, Frederick, porter , Partridge & Co
Salterlach, Philip, shoemaker , al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue
and 7th nr. Marion
Saltmarsh, Cathron, wid.widow Charles, , 102 n.north 9th
Saltrasarsh, William E., capt., 104 n.north 9th
Samberg, Cornelins, siddler , s. 2d bet.between Convent and
Samellon, Leser, peddler , 117 n.north 8th
Sammelmann, Philippine, wid.widow .Barnard, r.residence 33 Cham-
Sampay, Thomas, butcher, r.c.corner> Gamble, Glasgow and
Samrazel, Francis, tailor , ws. Mehard nr. Marion
Samson, John, clerk , 102 Carr
Samson, John, U.S, dept. surveyor, r.residence Marine av
Samuel, B., safemaker, George Heitz
Samuel, Ellen, varietystore, 182 Market
Samuel, Francis, oystersaloon, ns. Sprace nr. 7th
Samuel, G.Graville, dentist, 41 n.north 4th
Samuel, Leopold, cigars retail, s. 7th c.corner> Park avavenue>
Samuel, Louis, lithographer, r. 51 Wash
Samuel, Michael, clothing 168s.south 2d
Samuel, Moses, clothing, 2 n.north Levee; r.residence 14s.south 3d
Samuel, Wbster M., (Samuel & Allen, ) r. Pinesw.south west
c. 15th
Samuel & Allen , (Webster M. Samuel and Eu-
gene B. Allen.) com. merchts., 132 n.north 2d
Samuels, Adolph, clothier , 81 Morgan; r.residence 196 Broad-
Sanbach, Michael, lab.laborer , rear 280s.south 2d
Sanborn, Stephen, (Sanborn, Charleville & Co. ) r.
288 Morgan
Sanborn, Charleville & Co. , (Stephen, Sanborn, Louis,
Charleville and Coon, Mast,) producedealers , 13
s. Commercial b.between Walnut and Chesnut
Sand, Gerard H., tailor , r. 108 Franklin av
Sander, Alsert, clerk , bds. 366s.south 3d
Sander, Eeno, apothecary , 2d ne.northeast c.corner> Walnut; r.residence
62s.south 2d. (See advt.)
Sander, Frederick, druggist , 12th bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Sander, Frederick, harnessmaker , bds. 40 Franklin
Sander, Frederick W., lab.laborer , ss. Carr bet.between 8th and 9th
Sander, George, painter , 12 n.north 2d
Sander, John H., blacksmith , al.alley nr. Carr bet.between 9th
and 10th
Sander, Henry, lab.laborer , Salisbury ne.northeast c.corner> 16th
Sander, Herman, Clerk , 171 Broadway
Sander, William, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carr b.between 8th and 9th
Sander, Xavier, stonedresser , r.ns.north side Russell av.avenue bet.between
Sumner and State
Sanderland, E. H., moulder, bds. 39s.south 3d
Sanders, Benjamin, teamster , side Rosatti b.between Geyer
and Allen avs
Sanders, Benjamin, (col'd,) riverman , 182 n.north 7th
Sanders, CharlesIs, , salesman , Wilson, Bro. & Co.,
bds. 106 Morgan
Sanders, Ernst F., machinist , 268 n, 7th
Sanders, George, grocer , O'Fallonse.south east c.corner> 11th
Sanders, James, engineer , ns. Menard nr. Pratte av
Sander, James, railroad engineer , bds.ns.north side Gamble
av.avenue nr. Naomi
Sanders, John, tarpanlinmaker , 244 n.north 2d
sanders, John H., tinsmith , 140 Carr
Sanders, John W., clerk , 207 Broadway; bds.boards 186
n. 4th
Sanders, Joseph, bookkeeper , bds.boards 208 n.north 7th
Sanders, Henry, brickmoulder , bds. O'Fallonse.south east c.corner>
Sanders, Henry, teamster , ss. State b.between Allen and
Geyer avs
Sanders, Herman, lab.laborer , Menard bet.between Marion and
Sanders, Rufus K., lawyer , 7 Olive; bds.boards Morgan bet.between
11th and 12th
Sanders, Thomas, drygoods merch't , 59 w.west Brooklyn
Sanderson, Ann M., wid.widow Elias, rear 166 n.north 12th