St. Louis directory :
Sanderson, George B., 172 Olive
Sandereon, Samuel, steamboat agt.agent , bds. 54 Vine
Sandermann, August. musician , Soulardse.south east c Buel
Sandford, Rebecca R., wid.widow George, 6 n.north 15th
Sandford, William W., tobacconist , 99 n.north 16th
Sandfort, Harman, cooper , 9th nr. Labeaume
Sandhu, Henry, shoemaker , 231 Biddle
Sandmann, Joseph, lab.laborer , ws. Menird nr. Marion
Sands, Elizabeth, wid.widow Anby, 219 d, 7th
Sands, Isabella, (col'd,) steamboat chambermaid, ws.west side
10th b.between Madison and Jefferson
Sands, Mary, wid.widow , 6th ne.northeast c.corner> St. Charles
Sands, Sallie, wid.widow John, , (col'd,) 31s.south 9th
Sandte, Christian, tailor , ss. Marion b.between Carondelet av.avenue
and 7th
Sandvoss, Andrew, (Tiemann & Sandvoss, ) r.ns.north side
Cozens nr. Pratte av
Sandvoss, Henry, 121 Biddle
Sandwig, Peter H., foundryman , O'Fallon bet.between 12th
and 13th
Sanfar, Herman, cooper , 363 n.north 9th
Sanfield, Garrett, lab.laborer , ss. Julia nr. Closey
Sanford, DeWitt C., com. mer.,28s.south Main; bds.boards 206
Christy av
Sanford, George, carbuilder , bks.ns.north side Jefferson bet.between
Broadway and 9th
Sanford, George H., wks.St. Louis carworks
Sanford, WilliamH., clerk , Alsx.Leitch, , bds.
Everett House
Sanford, William W., (Goodwin, Murray & Co. ) r. 99
n. 16th
Sanganaut, Marshall P., 230 Morgan
Sange, Jule, finisher , 7th c.corner> Morgan
Sanger, Targee b.between Market and Walnut
Sanger, William D., railroad contractor , 35 Pine,
Sanguinet, Frederick P., bookkeeper , CharlesTill-, , r. Emmet c.corner> DuBreuil
Sanguinet, Marshall P., teller , Darby & Poulterer , r.
230 Morgan
Sanguinet, Mary, fruit, 66s.south 7th
Sanguinetti, Louis, saloon, Pinese.south east c.corner> 7th ; r.residence Market
nr. 5th
Sankel, John, cigarmaker , bds. Lombard c.corner> 2d
Sanley, Dudley, gasfitter , at Win. G. Ashdown & Co
Sann, Charles, lab.laborer , ns. Tradeau b.between Step aud Caronde-
let av
Santena, Barnard, shoemaker , bds. 935 Broadway
Santon, Thomas, lab.laborer , ss. Biddle nr. 8th
Santrock, Gustavus H., cabinetmaker , side Angel-
rodt b.between llth and 12th.
Santry, Matthew, bricklayer , bds. Cherry c.corner> Wash
Sanweld, Frederick, blacksmith . 230 Market
Sapinz, Jacob, cooper , side Main c.corner> Mulberry
Sappington, Mrs., wid.widow Anderson, , r. 10th nr. Cass av
Sarasin, Charles, boardinghouse, 14s.south 4th
Sarbaum, Frederick, teamster , side 13th b.between Spruce
and Poplar
Sargeant, Cbarles R., bookkeeper , bds.boards 28 n.north 6th
Sargent, Ann, wid , George, ss. Clark av.avenue nr. Adolph
Sargent, Charles, bookkeeper , Clafliu, Allen & Co. , r.
28 n.north 6th
Sargent, James, carman , 21st b.between Wash and Carr
Sargent, James T., steamboat pilot , side 10th bet.
Howard and Mound
Sargent, John, teamster , side Clark av.avenue near
Sargeant, L. R., bds. Planters' House
Sargeant, Nelson, bds.boards 98 n.north 5th
Sargent, Rufus W., lamp and oil dealer. 112 n.north 3d; r.residence
160 n.north 5th
Sargent, Salome, dressmaker , 160 n.north 5th
Sarpy, John, clk. , Berthold & R. , r. 89 Olive
Sartore, L., dressmaker , 69s.south 7th
Sass, Edward V., clk. , R.F. Sass, ne.northeast c.corner> 9th and
Washington av
Sass, Richard F., steamboat agt.agent and com.commission mer.,
56 Commercial; r.residence 191 Washington av
Sass, William, brickmoulder , side 16th nr. Farrar
Sattel, John, stonecutter , r. 287 Carondelet av
Sattele, Frederick, clk. , bds. 30 Morgan
Satter, PhilipP., bookbinder , bds,ns.north side Cozens near
Pratte av
Sattery, Michael, potice'n , es. 2nd b.between Lombard & Hazel
Sattig, August, foundryman , bds. 350s.south 3d
Sattler, Albert, cooper , bds. 92s.south 14th
Sattler, Jacob, clk. , Barnum s Hotel
Saudbotbe, John, Belcher's sugarhouse
Saudkamp, Henry, clothingstore , 220 High; bds.boards 222
Sauer, Catharine, wid.widow Benjamin, 152 n.north 13th
Sauer, Charles, (Sauer & Kachafer,) 127 7th
Sauer, Gottiieb, clothing, 74s.south Main
Sauer, Henry, butcher , North market; r.residence ss.south side Christy
av.avenue nr. 22nd
Sauer, Julius, policeman , Park av.avenue ne.northeast c.corner> 10th
Sauer, Sylvester, lab.laborer , 798 Broadway
Sauer, William, butcher, 22 South market; r.residence ns.north side
Chouteau av.avenue nr. 20th
Sauer, William, carriagedriver , r. 123 n.north 7th
Sauer & Kachafer , (Charles Sauer & John Kachafer, )
liverystable, 118 and 120 Morgan
Sauervine, Barbara, wid.widow Rienbardt, seamstress, 132
n. 8th
Sanfert, John, butcher, 49 South market; r.residence ss.south side Park
av.avenue b.between llth and 12th
Saugrain, Peter, clk. , Von Phul, Waters & Co. ) r. 8th
c. Chouteau av
Saul, Mahala, wid.widow Jubal. 131 n, 18th
Saun, Nicholas, clk. , side Jackson b.between Lami and
Saunder, John H., blacksmith , r. 9th bet.between Carr and
Saunders, John, r.residence 238 Broadway
Saunders, John, weaver, bds.boards 20 Benton
Saunders, James, moulder, Soulard c.corner> Linn
Saunders, James, sail and tentmaker , Commercial c.corner>
Chesnut ; side Barlow bet.between Chouteau av. and
Saunders, Thomas P., bookkeeper , John, B.Carson,
49 n.north Main
Saupe, Charles, clk. , Gray & Brust , r. 13s.south 2nd
Saupe, William, goldsmith, bds. 11s.south 2nd
Saupp, Francis D., watchmaker , r. 25 n.north 5th
Sauter, Christian, grocer , es. 3d c.corner> Lombard
Sauter, Severin R., musician . 7th nr. Hickory
Savade, Gustav, saddler , ns. Decatur nr. Emmet
Savage, N. W., salesman , Manny, Drake & Co. , bds.
Virginia Hotel
Savage, Benjamin, (col'd,) barber , al.alley nr. Walnut b.between
3d and 4th
Savage, John, lab.laborer , side Convent nr.s.south 4th
Savage, John, lab.laborer , O'Fallon nr. 21st
Savage, John K., draughtsman. Giles F. Filley
Savage, Joseph, engineer , r. 157 Washington av
Savage, Joseph, patternmaker , bds. 31 Mullanphy
Savage, Patrick, lab.laborer , ss. Convent nr.s.south 4th
Savage, S. A., bds. 58s.south 2nd
Savage, Walter, engineer , 224 n.north 7th
Savignac, Antoine, butcher, 2 Noryh market;
r. Glascow av.avenue nr. Cass avavenue>
Savignac, Francis, butcher, Biddle nr. 24th
Savin, John P., lab.laborer , 16th b.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Saving, Hermann, wagonmaker , bds. l4th c.corner> North
Savink, Frederick W., woodsawyer, 64 Carr
Sawade, Gustavus, corriagctriminer, r. 9th near La-
Sawtter, Frederick, cooper , side 14th nr. Howard
Sawyer, A.Jr., bds. Virginia Hotel
Sawyer, Charles B., (S.C. Davis & Co. ) r. Chicago
Sawyer, Francis, pastrycook, 78 Almond
Sawyer, J. W., policeman , 91 Market
Sawyer, Joseph O., (Sawyer, Clarkson & Co.) boards
Cass av.avenue c.corner> 7th
Sawyer, William H., (Sawyer, Clarkson & Co.) r.
Cass, av, c. 7th
Sawyer, Clarkson & Co. , (Joseph O.Sawyer, ,
John M.Clarkson, and William H.Sawyer, ,) st.
plamngmills, 9th c.corner> Walnut
Saxon, William, clk. , C.B. Hubbell, Jr., & Co. , Wal-
nut b.between 3d and 4th