St. Louis directory :
Schoe, Peter, teamster , r.residence ss. Carroll b.between Jacksou and
Schoc, Xavier, drayman , r.residence ss. Carroll b.between Jackson and
Schoeffer, Herman, drayman , r.residence Sprnce bet.between 12th and
Sehoen, Leopohl, jeweler , 211 Broadway
Schoenbom, Thomas, cigarmanfr. , 475 Carondelet avavenue>
Schoencmann, Emil L., clerk , Buddeoke & Droge , r.residence
641s.south 7th
Schoener, John, carpenter , r.residence 287 Carondelet avavenue>
Schoemeld, Moritz, trunkmaker , ns. Rutgers nr. Pro-
Sohoenbals, George, (Wilckens & Schoenhals,) r.residence 277
s. 3d
Scuoenhordt, Christian, carpenter , Dodier bet.between 20th
and 21st
Schoeuhorilt, Henry, cabinetmaker , r.residence s. 3d bet.between Rot-
gers and Covenet
Sehoenigmann, Bernhard, lab.laborer , Menard bet.between Emmet
and Geyer avs
Schoeninge, Edward, tinware , 279s.south 4th
Schoenmger, Matthias. tailor , 177s.south 4th
Schoenstein, Martin, lah. , r.residence 8 Plum
Schoeuthaler, Frederick C, clerk , Barnard & Co. , r.residence
330s.south 3d
Schoenthaler, Gottlieb, butcher 16 South market; r.residence
347s.south 2d
Schoenthaler, Gottlieb F., butcher , Central market; side Victor nr. Jacksou
Scuoepcrkutter, Frederick, cooper , 277 n.north 12th
Schnoperkottcr, Henry, cooper , 258 n.north 12th
Schoepcrkotter, Louis, cooper , bds.boards 255 n.north 12th
Selioen, Aaron, (Marx & Sehoer,) r.residence 261 Broadway
Sehoenweis, Henrv, cabinetmaker , r.residence Fulton b.between La-
fayette and Geyer avavenue>
Sehofeild, William, engineer , bds. 174 n.north 8th
Schoff, Ann M., wid.widow , al,bet.between 12th and 13th near
Schofleld, William, hatmaker , r.residence 58 n.north 4th
Schoimer, William, bootmaker , 964 Broadway
Schol, Catharine, wid.widow Jacob, , r.residence al.alley b.between Ann av.avenue and
Arrow nr. 7th
Scholl, Frederick, baker , rear 47 Elm
Scholl, Frederick, baker , rear 263s.south 2d
Scholl, Gustuvus, jeweler , 100 n.north 8th
Scholl, John, butcher , 15 Sturgeon market; r.residence nr. re-
Scholl, John, tailor , 238 Carondelet avavenue>
Schollian, Gottlieb, clerk , bds. 718 Broadway
Schollincier, Henry, porter . 155 u. Main
Sehohneier, Franck, Lib. , Kossuth av.avenue n.north Bremen avavenue>
Scholmeycr, Henry, porter , 163 O'Fallon
Schillmeyer, Lonis, butcher , depot
Scholten, Johnt A., daguerrean , 297s.south 5th
Scholteti, Minna, becrgardeu , 2d Carondelet av.avenue nr.
Scholtis, Peter, saddler , 162 Wash
Scboltz, August, blacksmith , bds. 254 Market
Scholz, Benedict, lab.laborer , rear 364s.south 2d
Scholz, Ferdinand R., (F.R. Scholz & Co.,) Spruce
nw.c.corner> 3d
Scholz, Richard, bookbinder , 88s.south 3d
Scholz F.R. & Co. . (Ferdinand R.Scholz, , Fred.
Klunder, ) jobprintiug office . Chesnnt nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
Schom, Frederick, hat and cap store, 202 Franklin avavenue>
Schombak, Philip, lab.laborer , es. Hamtramck av.avenue nr. Sou-
Sohomber, Peter, wagonmaker , 376 Franklin avavenue>
Schon, Anton, mason , ss. Marion c.corner> Fulton
Schon, Christian, cooper , side Market nr. 19th
Schon, Henry, tailor , 164 n.north 12th
Suhonbacher, Michael, engineer , ns. Poplar bet.between 3d
and 4th
Schonebeck, Charles, porter , Bender, Hildenbrandt &
Co. , r.residence 15 Muilanphy
Schonbute, Henry, lab.laborer , ws. 11th bet.between Salisbury and
Schone, Johnson, lab.laborer , Menard b.between Marion and Carroll
Sehonemann, William, physician , ns. Marion near
Carondelet avavenue>
Schonholz, Anselm, bootmaker , ss. Hickory nr.e.east 6th
Schonhorst, John P., saloon , Franklin av.avenue Be.
c. 24th
Schonlan, Theodore, gardener , r.residence Clark av.avenue c.corner> 9th
Schonstein, A. Faanz, (Schonstein & Co.) in Europe
Scbonstein & Co. , (A. FaanzSchonstein, and Adolph
S.Leone, ,) druggists , 221 Market
Schoo, Henry, painter , r.residence rear ws.west side Fnlton nr. Park avavenue>
Schooley, James, lab.laborer , Warren near 22d
Schoolfieid, Georpre G., (Parker, Russell & Co.) bds.
Barnum's Hotel
Schoolfield, Stephen, chairmaker , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> Morgan
and 18th
Schop, Joseph, cooper , Biddle c.corner> 11th
Schopeier, Herman, lab.laborer , alley b.between Spruce and Poplar
near 12th
Schofefner, Christian, shoestore , 143 Wash
Schopp, Joseph, cooper , alley b.between 11th and 12th near
Schoppe, Frederick, cooper , rear es.east side Buel near La-
Schoppe, George, cooper , 55 Madison; r.residence ws.west side 9th nr.
Schorfbeide, Henry, tailor , 18th b.between Wash and Can
Schorn, H,, musician , n. 3d c.corner> Market
Scfaorn, Herman, musician , rear 163 n.north 13th
Schornhauser, Jacob, stonecutter , alley b.between DeKalb
and Columbus near Sidney
Schorp, Joseph, wagonmaker , ss. Franklin av.avenue bet.between
21st and 22d
Schorr, Adam, shoemaker , r.residence 264 Chesnut
Sehort, Peter, whitewashes ws. Jackson near Miller
Sckoshnzen, Matthias, cigarmaker , bds. 31 Oaron-
delet avavenue>
Schot, Christian, shoemaker , se.C. 3d and Market
Schotker, Henry, r.residence 47 Chambers. (Information re-
Schoot, Catharine, wid.widow George, , 168 n.north 13th
Schoot, Ferdinand, shoemaker , 374 Franklin avavenue>
Schott, Frederick, teamster , r.residence es, Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Barton and Victor
Schott, George, blacksmith , 251 Market
Schott, Sevrien, boots and shoes , ss. Franklin av.avenue
near 22d
Schotte, Dietrich, shoemaker , 114 Biddle
Schotten, Christian, (Verborg & Schotten,) r,es. 2d
b. Monroe and a. Market
Schotten, William, (Verborg & Schotten,) res. 105
s. 2d
Schootlin, Philip, steward , 86s.south 2d
Schou back, Charles, grocer , es. 10th b.between Montgomery
and Spring
Schourer, John, cooper , side Jackson b.between Lafay-
ette and Bmmet
Schouss, Clyse, porter , C.Veil, , r.residence es. 3d b.between Lombard
and Mulberry
Schowe, William, (W. Schowe and Evers,) r.residence 16th b.between
O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Schowe W. & Evers , (W.Schowe, and William
Evers, ,) carpenters , rear 134 and 130 n.north 8th
Schrack, John, peddler , alley bet.between Carr and Biddle
near 17th
Schrad, George, brickmason , bds. 351 Carondelet avavenue>
Schrader, Andrew, cooper , bds.ns.north side Geyer av.avenue bet.between
Buel and Menard
Schraner, Albert, bookkeeper , r.residence Broadwayse.south east c.corner> n.north
Schrader, Conrad, cooper , Geyer av.avenue b.between Buel
and Menard
Schrader, Francis, clerk , 5 Franklin avavenue>
Schrader, George P,, carriagemaker , bds. Franklin
av.avenue c.corner> 7th
Schrader, Gottfried, cooper , r.residence ws. 7th b.between Russell and
Ann avs
Schrader, Gustav, butcher , Soulard market, r.residence alby b.between
Easton and Jackson near Sidney
Schrader, Henry, clerk , C.Huelsenkamp, , 34 n.north Main
Schrader, Henry, comedian , bds. 129s.south 2d
Schrader, John, agt.agent Columbia stage, bds.boards 77s.south 2d
Schrader, Theodore, lithographer , 7 Chesnut;
r. 113s.south 7th. (See adv.)