St. Louis directory :
Selby, William T., (Selby & Benton,) also sec-
St. Louis mutual life, r.residence 52s.south 15th
Selby & Benton , (William, T. Selby and William,
N.Benton,) insurance agts.. Pinese.south east c.corner> 2d
Selcas, Herod, cooper , r.residence ws. Rosatti b.between Geyer and
Allen avs
Selgoth, Andrew, hairdresser , es. Jackson nears. 2d; side Marian near Park avavenue>
Setgolh, Mary, wid.widow John, , r.residence es. Jackson nears.south 2d
Seligman, Adolph, (Seligman, Bros. & Co.) res. Au-
rora, 111
Seligman, Isaac, (Seligman, Bros. & Co.) r.residence Fond
PuLa c.corner> Wis
Seligman, Philip, (Seligman, Bros. & Co.) r.residence Fond
DnLa c.corner> , Wis
Seligman, Sigmnnd J., (Seligman, Bros. & Co.) bds.
Planters' House
Seligmam, Eros. & Co. , (Sigmund Bros. & Co.) Philip
and Isaac,) clothiers , 99 n.north 4th. (See advt.)
Selika, Ambrose, shoemaker , G Green
Selkirk, Alexander, bookkeeper , 48 Myrtle
Sell, Frank, clerk. Law Commissioner's court,
bds European Hotel
Sell, Walter E., bookkeeper , St. Louis building and
savings association, r.residence Pine b.between 13th and 14th
Sella, Frederick, lab.laborer , ss. Lynch bet.between Menard and Ro-
Sellar, John, peddler , ss. Hickory near Gth
Sellar, Lawrence, tinsmith , ss. Hickory near 6th
Sellick, Sands E., builder , 120 Walnut
Sellender, Godfrey, foremau , John Cook, res. 692
Seller, Andrew, stonequarry , r.residence ns, Tradeau b.between DeKalb
and Columbus
Seller, William, tinsmith , 152s.south 2d
Seller, George, tailor , bds. 223 Carondelet avavenue>
Sellers, Daniel W., clerk , Edward, Morgan, r.residence 4th nr.
Sellers, John, clerk , Howard & Co. , 44s.south 4th
Sellers, Rachel, wid.widow Benjamin, 44s.south 4th
Sellew, Enos, (Sellew & Co.) non-resident
Setlew, Osman, (Sellew & Co.) non-resident
Sellew, Ralph, (Sellew & Co.) bds. Virginia Hotel
Sellew, William, (Sellew & Co.) non-resident
Sellew & Co. , (Ralph, , Euos, , Osman, and William, Sellew,) dealers in metals, etc. , 208 n.north Main
Sellis, Francis, lab.laborer , c.corner> Rosatti and Soulard
Sellman, James C.,Jr., bookkeeper W.H. Barksdale
& Co. , Sth ne.northeast cor. Chesnut
Sellman, John F., bartender ,, Chonteau avavenue>
near Missouri avavenue>
Sells, Miles, (Triplett, Sells & Co.) es. llth bet.between Mar-
ket and Clark avavenue>
Selmera, Joseph, tailor , r.residence es. Columbus bet.between Emmet
and Lesperance
Selman, Joseph H., lab.laborer , ws. llth near Mallinckrodt
Selsan, John, bartender , bds. 63s.south Levee
Selskie, Peter, brewer , bds. Hickory c.corner> Sth
Selzer, George, barkeeper , 171 Franklin avavenue>
Selzer, Henry, blacksmith , bds. 213s.south 4th
Selzmann, Charles, (Selzmann & Nast,) r.residence O'Fallon
ne.c.corner> Oth
Selzmann & Nast , (Cbas., Selzmann, Frederick, Nast,)
grocers , O'Fallon ne.northeast c.corner> 9th
Semelrogge, Charles, tanner , bds. 351 Carondelet avavenue>
Seminary Of The Sacred Heart , 248s.south 5th,
(Madam Tucker, Superioress)
Seminsky, William, musician , se.c.corner> Soulard & Buel
Semler, Frederick, shoemaker , r.residence ws. 6th cor.
Biddle and O'Fallon
Semmelroth, Christian, farrier , ss. Lafayette nr. 7th
Semmer, Adolph, maltster , side Broadway bet.between
Destrehan and Malinckrodt
Semont, Hilar, grocer , s. 3d e.east c.corner> Poplar
Semp, Christopher, lab.laborer , ss.n.north Market b.between 13th and 14th
Seraple, William, teamster , r.residence al.alley rearss.south side Madison
bet.between 11th and 10th
Sempt, Christian, lab.laborer , r.residence al.alley bet.between 3d and 4th near
Sempt, Margaret, wid.widow , r.residence al.alley bet.between 3d and 4th near
Sencker, Louis, lab.laborer , r.residence ws. 15th bet.between Montgomery and
Send, Herman, barkeeper , c. Cherry and Collins; r.residence
208 Franklin ar
Senden, George H., dry goods , 214 Franklin ar.; r.residence
19 Gay
Senden, John D., (Wissman & Senden,) r.residence 33 Orange
Sender, Adam, carpenter , r.residence us. Mallinckrodt nr. 12th
Sender, Anton, lab.laborer , ns. Mallinckrodt near 12th
Sender, Ferdinand, saloon ne.cSt. Charlea and
Sender, Frank, lab.laborer , es. 18th near Salisbury
Sendmeier, Henry, cigarmaker , Bremen
Senf, Frederick, cooper , r.residence al.alley nr. Lafayette bet.between
Jackson and Carondelet avavenue>
Senft, William, teamster , ws. DeKalb bet.between Lespe-
rance and Picotte
Senker, John, teamster , r.residence Washington av.avenue near Lef-
Senior, Amelia, wid.widow Mark, notions, 309s.south 4th
Senlech, Francis, lab.laborer , 163 St. Charles
Senn, Charles, papercarrier , r.residence 219 Carondelet avavenue>
Senn, Charles, watchmaker , bds. 133 Franklin avavenue>
Senn, Joseph, tailor , side Marion bet.between Jackson and
Senneger, Stephen, porter , 221 Market
Sennett, James, gasmaker , gasworks
Sennett, Nicholas, gasmaker , gasworks
Sennewald, Charles, cabinetmaker , Carr bet.between 14th
and 15th; r.residence Carre. 15th
Sennewald, Elizabeth, midwife , Carr C 15th
Sennewald, Ferdinand W., (Lange & Sennewald,) r.residence
200s.south 2d
Sennewald, George, carpenter , 109 n.north 15th
Sensar, William, cooper , bds.ns.north side Poplar bet.between 13th and
Senseoderfer, John, (W. & J. Sensenderfer,) r.residence Pine
se.c.corner> 2nd
Sensenderfer, William, (W. & J, Sensenderfer,) r.residence
261 Olive
Sensendebfer W. & J. , (William, and John, ,)
cigars and tobacco , n. 2ndse.south east c.corner> Pine
Senter, Henry, paperboxmaker , 6th nr. Labadie
Senter, Henry, salesman , Wales, Cabot & Co. , bds.
Monroe House
Sentrock, Gustavus H., cabinetmaker , r.residence 12th nr.
Seoch, Simon, lab.laborer , 333s.south 7th
Sepler, Anton, laborer , r.residence ss. Mallinckrodt b.between llth and
Sepmeyer, Henry, peddler , Biddle b.between 17th and 18th
Seppel, Peter, beer saloon , 255 Franklin av.avenue ; r.residence Wash
c. 13th
Sepping, John, carpenter , r.residence es. 7th near Allen avavenue>
Sepreau, Lorenz, blacksmith , side Franklin av.avenue
near 18th
Seralin, Nutza, lab.laborer , ws. Rosatti near Soulard
Serbert, George, saddler , bds. 170s.south 2nd
Serdl, John, tailor , rear 189 n.north 13th
Scrker, Frederick, carpenter , bds. rear 274 Biddle
Scrrazin, Charles, boardinghouse, 14s.south 4th
Sesiam, Antoine, (Sesiam Bros.) 192 n.north 7th
Sesiam, John, (Sesiam Bros.) 192 n.north 7th
Sesiam, Joseph, (Sesiam Bros.) 192 n.north Sth
Sesiam, Bros., (John, Antoine & Joseph,) toymakera ,
192 n.north 7th,
Sess, George, lab.laborer , r.residence ss. Angelrodt near 12th
Sessinghaus, Charles, (Sessinghaus Bros.) r.residence 56 n.north
Sessinghaus, Frederick, Jr., clerk , bds. 56 n.north Market
Sessinghaus, Frederick W., bds. 56 n.north Market
Sessinghaus, Gustavus, clerk , bds. 56 n.north Market
Sessinghaus, Theodore, (Sessinghaus Bros.) bds. 56
n. Market
Sessinghaus, William, (Sessinghaus Bros.) bds. 56
n. Market
Sessinghaus & Bros. , (Charles, William & Theodore,)
flour and feed Btore, 56 n.north Market
Sessler, Michael, painter , r.residence 361 Market
Seazarch, Frank, carpenter , r.residence es. Jackson, b.between Emmet
and Lesperance