St. Louis directory :
Sigmond, George P., blacksmith , aLnr. llth bet.between
Wash and Franklin avavenue>
Signiago, James 8., saloon , 175 Broadway
Signiago, James, 243 n.north 14th
Sigora, John, lab.laborer , ws. Buel c.corner> Lafayette
Sigoarney, Frederick B., carpenter , bds.boards 283 n.north 6th
Sigwart, Leonhart, tailor , 223s.south 4th
Sibe, William, lab.laborer , 10th b.between Sonlard and Lafayette
Sihloger, Simon, shoemaker , r.residence 30 Mullanphy
Sikemier, Frederick, hairdresser , ss. Market b.between 20th
and 21st
Sikman, Caspar, lab.laborer , ss. Benton b.between 13th and 14th
Sileiei, John, saloon , 11 n.north Levee
Silence, Thomas, (Wood & Silence,) tailors , 8 Green
Siler, William, cigarmaker , side Franklin av.avenue b.between
4th and 5th
Silbajeg, John, tailor , Menard b.between Lafayette and
Silister, Schabyoe, candlemaker , bds. Park av.avenue near
Sill, Henrietta B., teacher Lafayette school, r.residence 141
s. 7th
Sill, Joseph B., clerk , P.R.R., r.residence 141s.south 7th
Silleck, Sands E., carpenter , ss. Walnut bet.between 7th
and 8th
Sillmann, Conrad, mattressmaker , 3d b.between Almond and
Sills, John, porter , ss. Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Silver, David, steamboat captain , 250 Olive
Silver, John H., moulder , Barlow near Gratiot
Silvereisen, Charles, bartender , bds. 143 Market
Silverthorn, George, lab.laborer , bds Matteson Hotel
Silvers, George H., dentist , 103 n.north 8th
Silverstone, Isaac, salesman , Langsdorf and Rosen-
stein, r.residence 156 n.north 7th
Silwen, John, bartender , 8 n.north 3d
Silyes, Henry, cooper , Menard nw.northwest c.corner> Allen avavenue>
Sim, Valentine, ostler , bds. Main nr. Myrtle
Simms, Mary Jane, wid.widow John, , Utah b.between California and
Simmer, John, tailor , al.alley nr. Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Simmer, Bernard, cooper , Cedar c.corner> 3d
Siramermann, John, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Carroll b.between Ham-
tramck av.avenue and Rosatti
Simmond, Charles, carpenter , bds. 220 Carondelet avavenue>
Simmons, Adam, bricklayer , bds. 167 Washington avavenue>
Simmons, Cyrenius C, (Simmons, Woerner & Bil-
lings,) r.residence 169 S. 3d
Simmons, Edward, (Simmons & Leadbeater,) r.residence Gra-
tiot b.between 8th and 9th
Simmons, Edward C., salesman , Wilson, Levering &
Waters , r.residence Olive b.between 8th and 9th
Simmons, George, boiler , bds.nw.northwest c.corner> Russel av.avenue and
Simmons, Henry H., (H.H. Simmons & Co.) n.
Market c.corner> 10th
Simmons, Jane, widow of John, , r.residence 65 n.north 16th
Simmons, John H., clerk , (T.H. Larkin & Co.) ss.
Olive b.between 8th and 9th
Simmons, John H., salesman , (E. Schneider & Co.)
r.5th n.north of Franklin avavenue>
Simmons, Mrs., widow, 52s.south 4th
Simmons, Peter, Main b.between Olive and Pine; r.residence 105
Washington avavenue>
Simmons, Richard D., Orphans' Home
Simmons, Samuel, lawyer , 12s.south 5th; bds.boards Bar-
num's Hotel
Simmons, Thomas, (Joel & Simmons,) bds.Broad'y
Simmons, Zachariah T., collector , 118 Locust
Simmons H.H. & Co., (Henry H. Simmons &
-,) publishers and proprietors of Weekly
Times, Olive nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
Simmons & Leadbeater, (Edward Simmons &
Frank C. Leadbeater,) forwarding and commis-
sion , 22s.south Main
Simmons, Woerner & BiLltngs, (Cyrenius C.
Simmons, John G. Woerner & James A. Bit-
lings,) lawyers , 42 Chesnut
BimonB, Mary A., widow of Joseph, , r.residence 125s.south 4th
Simon, Albert, (A. &. T. Simon,) 24s.south 7th
Simon, John G., saloon and boarding , 90s.south 2d
Simon, Anne, wid.widow of John, , r.residence 382 Franklin avavenue>
Simon, Anton H., bds. Market c.corner> Pratt avavenue>
Simon, Catharine, wid.widow of George, , boardinghouse,
267s.south 7th
Simon, Francis, saloon , 49s.south Main
Simon, Gottfried, beer saloon , 30 Spruce
Simon, Henry, contractor , es. Buel b.between Lafayette
and Emmet
Simon, Henry, cooper , r.residence ws. 7th b.between Bnssel av.avenue and
Ann avavenue>
Simon, Henry T., (A. & H.T. Simon.) 24s.south 7th
Simon, John, butcher , Lucas Market ; r.residence es.east side 16th
c. Poplar
Simon, John, botcher , 38 Lucas Market; r.residence ss.south side Spruce
b. 14th and 16th
Simon, John, contractor , es, Buel b.between Lafayette and
Simon, John, saloon and boardinghouse , 31 Spruce
Simon, John P., carpenter , r.residence 282 Franklin avavenue>
Simon, Louisa, wid.widow of John, , r.residence es. 16th c.corner> Poplar
Simon, Morris, clothier , r.residence 238 Broadway
Simon, Peter, stonecutter , ws. DeKalb near Dorcas
Simon, William, druggist , bds. Soulard c.corner> Rosatti
Simon A. & H.T., (Albert & Henry T.) fancy
goods , 18 n.north Main
Simonds, J. P., com.commission mer. , bds. 41 Green
Simonds, John, (Simonds & Taylor,) r.residence 44s.south 5th
Simonds & Taylor, (John Simonds & John M.
Taylor,) bankers , 67 n.north Main. (See advt.)
Simol, Elizabeth, widow , rear 190s.south 2nd
Simons, Edward, cigars and tobacco , 163 n Main
Simons, James F., carpenter , ws. Broadway b.between Bre-
men av.avenue and Angelica
Simpson, Andrew J., printer , 70 O'Fallon
Simpson, Benjamin, (col'd,) lab.laborer , al.alley rear Market h.
9th and 10th
Simpson, Chapel, M.E. , 10th c.corner> n.north Market
Simpson, Charles, carpenter , r.residence 17 w.west Mound
Simpson, George, fireman , Pacific R.R. machineshop
Simpson, John H., bookkesper , (AbnerHood, ,) r.residence ss.
Pine b.between 16th and 17th
Simpson, Joseph, plasterer , 58 Locust; r.residence 75
Simpson, Martin, bds.boards 277 n.north 6th
Simpson, Mary Ann, wid.widow George, , r.residence al.alley bet.between Morgan
and Green near 6th
Simpson, Robert, baker , r.residence al.alley b.between 10th and llth near
Clark avavenue>
Simpson, RobertDr., Elm nw.northwest c.corner> 3d
Simpson, Robert, shipcarpenter , r,9 w.west Mound
Simpson, Riley,.bds. 245 Broadway
Simpson, Samuel P., clerk , (DavidPearce, ,) side
Pine b.between 16th and 17th
Simpson, Sylvester, laborer , 289 n.north 9th
Simpson, Thomas, laborer , 40 Plum
Simpson, Thomas A., cigar store , 378 Broadway
Simps in, Thomas A., elk. , (AbrahamBlakeslee, ,) r.residence
17th c.corner> Gratiot
Simpson, Thomas A., tailor , r.residence es. Tayon av.avenue near
Simpson, William, goldbeater , bds. 67 Collins
Simpson, William, plumber , 202 Christy avavenue>
Simpson, W. E., clerk , Missouri Hotel
Simpson, William M., clerk , DavidPearce, , Virginia
Simpson, W. S., goldbeater , A. M.Leslie,
Sims, George, boiler , Allen ironworks
Sims, Frederick, butcher , Center market, r.residence ns.north side Gra-
tiot near Mercer
Sims, George, carpenter , 11th and c St. Charles; r.residence Gay
Sims, James, tarpenter , Cth cor. St. Charles; r.residence 46
Sims, Huward, r.residence 12th near Austin
Sinclair, —, student , Jones' com, college, bds.boards
116 n.north 9th
Sinclair, Robert H., yardman , side Broadway b.
w. Brooklyn and Mound
Sing, Way, teastore ,106 Morgan b.between 6th and 7th
Singalmin, Charles, clerk , 73 Morgan
Singer, Bernard, (Wise, Singer & Co.) r.residence 161s.south 4th
Singer, Charles, brewer , 148 n.north 8th