St. Louis directory :

North Missouri R.R.

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St. Joseph!
Open To Hudson.

Connects Closely With The Hannibal & St. Joseph R.R.

The only Reliable Route to Council Bluffs, Omaha, Bioux City, Atohison,
Doniphan, Weston, Leavenworth, and Kansas, carrying
the Great Through Mail!

On and after Sunday, February 27th, 1859, and until further notice, Trains will run as follows, viz :
St. Joseph Express,
St. Charles Accommodation,
Leaves St. Louis daily—except Saturdays—at 10 o'clock, p.m. Re-
turning, leaves Hudson, junction with the Hannibal & St. Joseph R.R.,
at 3 o'clock, p.m., arriving at St. Louis in time for the morning trains
of all routes East, North aud South.

St. Charles Accommodation, Leaves St Louis daily-except Sundays-at 4 o'clock,
p.m. Returning, leaves ferry landing, opposite St
Charles, at 8 o'clock, a.m.

Passengers, By This Route,
Avoid all River Navigation k Staging, and reach St. Joseph twenty-four hours in advance of any other Boute !
It is also the best, and, during the winter, the only route to
Hannibal, Palmyra, & All Points Adjacent To The Hannibal & St.Jo,R,R.

In Macon, Shelby, Marion And Ralls Counties.

Connects At Allen
With Stages for Glasgow, Fayette, Brunswick, Keytesville, Huntsville and Paris.

Connects At Mexico
With Stages for Columbia, Pulton and Paris.

Connects At Wellsburg
With Stages for Bowling Green and Louisiana.

Connects At Wentsville
With Stages for Troy, Bowling Green and Louisiana.

Omnibuses Will Cal At All Hotels And Private Residences,
By Leaving Card At The North Missouri R.R. Ticket Office, No. 40, under Planters' House.

Tickets can be obtained at the Depot, cor. North Market & Second sts. ,
Or at the Company'S Office, No. 40 Fourth St., under the Planters' House.

R.Walker, , Superintendent .