St. Louis directory :
Smith, Robert, 144s.south 4th
Spatx, Michacl, 457 Broadway
Staddler, Henty, ss. Franklin av,nr. 21st
Stasbury, Emerson, 108 Morgan
Sted, Francis F., 487 Broadway
Stephes, Louisa, s, 6th near Cerre
Stepperfleld, Kate, 106 n.north 3d
Sttockh, Henty C., 171 n.north 8th
Strubing, Charles, 225s.south 4th
Strucber, Louis, 32 and 34 Wash
Stunner & C. , 249 Franklin avavenue>
Tayror, James W., 47 n.north 12th
Thlmyer, Gerhard L., 38s.south 10th
Thome, Nicholas.180s.south 2d
Thuemmler, Sophjil37 and 39 Market
Tindall, Abramss.n.north Market b.between Main and 2d
Tobener & Co. , 31 n.north 12th
Talemyer, Gerhard L,. 38s.south 10th
Thome, Nicholas, 180s.south 2d
Thuemmler, Sophia, 37 and 39 Market
Tindall, Market b.between Main and 2d
Tobener & Co. , 31 n.north 12th
Toudevll, Felix, ne.c.corner> jackson and Barry
Trappiel, Charles, 45 Locust
Troll, Henry, 362 n.north 2d
Turner, Hohn R., 23 Collins
Uhrig, Philip, Olibesw.south west c.corner> 3d
Vceder, Simon.499 Broadway
Vaclair, Joseph, 69s.south Main
Voden, Harrison, 304 Broadway
Vogt, Hoseph, 661 Broadway
Wakermann, Ignatz, 60 Morgan
Walker, Matthias, 37 O'Fallon
Warner, John W., 167 Broadway
Weber, Philip, 70s.south Main
Welsh, Ellen, 848 Broadway
Wesley, Josephine, 106 Washington avavenue>
Western, Housn, (J. H.Gerdeman, , prop. )370 Framk-
lin avavenue> enne
Wider, Edward, 43s.south Main
Wiese, Francis, 76 Green
Eilkinson, Francis, 201 Broadway
Williams, Mary, 8th b.between cerre and Gratiot
Williamson, Mory A., 138 n.north 3d
Wilshusen, Claus, 371 n.north Main
Wilson, William K., 180 n.north 5th
Wimer, Elixabeth, 287 n.north 6th
Wise, Frank, 76 Green
Wse, Susan, 208 n.north 7th
Witte, Frank H., 346 n.north 2d
Wittmer, Mary, Maun b.between Lombard and Hazel
Holden, Hmes, 105 Green
Wolf, Louis, 3s.south 2d
Woods, James, 221 n.north 7th
Wulker, Louis, 365 Market
Wanscha, Benedict, se.c.corner> Jackson and Carrol
Yearsiey, Melinda.140 n.north 7th
Young, Mary A., 320 n.north 2d
Zwpp, Frederick, Lami st. Depot
Zlerlin, Louisa, 60 Market
Zumsteg, Joseph, ws. Carondelet av.avenue nr. Geyer avavenue>