St. Louis directory :
Boot and Shoe Makers.
(See, also, Boots and Shoes, Retail; also, Shoema-
kers, Ladies1.)
George, Bollam,
Premium Boot nnd Shoe maker ,
56 Olive.
Clark, Thomas, Boot and Shoe manufac-
tarer , Market.
Ahrens, Albert.Carroll b.between 7th and Fuiton
Albrecht, John, 323s.south 2d
Albeitz, Jacob, 261 Morgan
Allen, Frank D., 93 Spruce
Arand, Christopher, 143s.south 2d
Arends1, Frederick, 206 Franklin avavenue>
Armor, Robert, 399 Broadway
Banfield, James, 203 Morgan
Barklage, Frederick W., 99 Morgan
Barklage, Herman, 78 Locust
Banmann, Theodore, 9 Olive
Behren, Henry V.,616 Broadway
Bender, Peter, 421s.south 7th
Berbig, August, 207 Carondelet avavenue>
Bcrwig, George T., 330 a. 3d
Bieber, Frank, 8 Green
Uinz, Stephen, 70 n.north Main
Hischn, frOnmd, 12D Market
Bischnfl', John G., 47 Chesnut
Bollam, George, 56 Olive. (See advt.)
Bolte, Hervy.223 Carondelet avavenue>
Boshold, Jacob, 62 Chesnut
Brandenbrper, J., ws. 13th b.between Madison and Jeflferaon
Hrojowski, J., ss. Soulard b.between Bu d and Menard
Broneckman, Philip, 227 Carondelet avavenue>
Bucksatli, John H., Olive b.between 3d aud 4th
Rurkhardt, J. H., 116s.south 2d
Cadman, Joseph , 159 n.north 4th
Caunon, Peter, 125 Monran
Caspar, Andrew, 92s.south 2nd
Ciisper, Geo., 65 Locust
Chlauda, Francis, c. Park av.avenue and Buel
Choisel & Genet , 53s.south 4th
Cla Rk, Thomas.222 Market. (See Card.)
Clans, Henry, 285s.south 7th
Collins, James, 225J n.north 5th
Cornelson, Antoine, ns. Sidney nr. Easton
Corning, George, 165 n.north Main
Degnan, James223 n.north 7th
Dengler, Frank, 269 Carondelet avavenue>
Deslar, John G., es. 8th nr. Biddle
Dickenger, , 184 Market
Dierkes, Charles, ws, Decatur nr. Lafayette
Dilschneider, Adam, ws. 7th b.between Geyer av.avenue and Allen
Dittmann, George F., 24 Market
Donohue, Owen, 329 Morgan
Dornseif, Jacob, 357 n.north 9th
Dornseif, John41 Pine
Dreisigacker, J., 280 8. 2nd
Driscol, Alexander, ss. O'Fallon b.between 5th and 6th
Evers, Henry, es. Decatur nr. Lafayette
Fay, Patrick, 36 n.north 16th
Feiner, Jacob, 25 Cherry
Feldmann, Louis, 371 n.north Main
Fergason, George M., 65 n.north 4th
Ferrurback, A Uurkle, 109 Morgan
Fienes, Henry, ns.south Sth
Finn, Richard, 323 Broadway
Flynn, John, 277 Pine
Fohrell, Antoine, 42s.south 2nd
Poke, Michael, Market nr. Laclede avavenue>
Franck, Henry, 35 Green
Gallanrt, Samuel, 104 Morgan
Gander, Joseph, 47 Market
Gander, Wedelin, 45s.south 2nd
Geerdes, John B., Gever av.avenue nr. Menard
Grady, John B.67 Franklin avavenue>
Grant, Walker & Co. , 66 Market and 74 n.north 4th.
(See advt., outside cover.)
Grimminger, Martin, Market c.corner> Manchester rd
Gross, Jacob, 1112 Broadway
Grothaus, Hermann, 519 Broadway
Gruber, Andrew, ns. Lami b.between Step and Carondelet avavenue>
Grnetter, George, 23 Washington avavenue>
Honke, Frederick, 263s.south 2nd
Hake, Louis, 117 Morgan
Happel, William.304s.south 3d
Huruisch, Godfrey D., 331s.south 3d
Hartman, Frederick, 200 Franklin avavenue>
Hau. & Carl. 4S7 Carondelet av
Hauptniann, Henry, 14 n.north 3d
Hechler, G., 10 Walnut
Hecge, Theodore, es. 4th c.corner> Lombard
Heidcl, William, ns. Poplar b.between 14th and 15th
Heim, Charles.114 n.north 13th
Heitlield, Heury, 16th c.corner> Monroe
Lleitmeyer, Henry M., 359 Market
Miller, William, 64 Morgan
HeUriegel, Daniel, 27 Morgan
Hemstedt, Frederick, 51 Morgan
Henn, John E., 59 Chesnut and 76 n.north 4th
Herchenbach, George, ss. Market nr. 20th
Herrmann, Johu P., 232 Market