St. Louis directory :
Achhntts, Ins., Fire and Marine.
Betts, Robert H., 38s.south Main
Bodley, Harry I., 63 n.north Main
Brooks, Edward, Mainsw.south west c.corner> Pine
Budd George K. & Son , 17 Olive.
Capers & Purvis , 68 Commercial
Courtenay, Thomas E., Olive ne.northeast c.corner> Main
Crane & Fowler , 38 n.north Main
Dibblee, William W., over Merchants' Bank,
Locust nw.west c.corner> Main. (See advt., p. 142.)
Fisk, Clinton B., Locust aw.c.corner> Main
Fisk & Reeves , Main c.corner> Locust. (See advt., p.
Fritsch, Rudolph, 168s.south 3d
Godfrey & Bro. , 33 Pine. (See advt., fly leaf.)
Howard & Hinchman , 74 n.north Levee
McNair, A. R., 20 Pine
Mackenzie, Kenneth, 52 n.north 3d
Nisbet William & Co. , Mainsw.south west c.corner> Chenmit
Pritchartt, William H., Mainse.south east c.corner> Vine
Reeves, Austin S., Locust sw,c.corner> Main
Sefton, John, Merchants' Ex. bldg
Selby & Benton , Pinese.south east c.corner> 2d
Souper, Thomas E., nw.c.corner> Chesnut and 2d. (See
advt., p.440.)
Stagg, Henry, 20 Pine
Western River Improvement and Wrecking Co. , 47
and 252 n.north Main
Wilmot, E., 59 n.north Levee