St. Louis directory :
Diven, Stancliff & Co. , ss. Cheannt b.between 3d and 4th
Downey, Jerome, Cass av.avenue nw.northwest c, 17th
Feley, Thomas, 158 Green
Folay, Martin, 81 Carondelet avavenue>
Harty, Roger L., 173 n.north 17th
Larkin, Michael, Carr b.between 22d and 23d
Lawless, Richard F., Penrose av.avenue b.between 12th and 14th
Packer, John, ss. Clark av.avenue c.corner> 14th
Prente, Henry, Lesperance c.corner> Columbus
Sanger, William D., 35 Pine
Shaw, Johu, Morgan b.between 15th and 16th
Simon, Henry, es. Buel b.between Lafayette and Emmet
Simon, John, es. Buel b.between Lafayette and Emmet
Smith, Andrew, al.alley b.between 6th and 7th nr. Cass avavenue>
Smith, Thomas, se.c.corner> 14th nr. Papin
Stolle, Caspar H., 153 Biddie