St. Louis directory :
Fruiterers, Retail.
(See, also, Confectionery and Fruit.)
Ashner, Adolph, sw.c.corner> Lafayette av.avenue and Buel
Ashner, Nathan, 7th b.between Lafayette and Soulard
Barqui, Peter, 21 and 23s.south 4th
Bauer, Wilhelmina. 517s.south 7th
Bechestobill, David. 258s.south 5th
Beffer, Constant, 103s.south 2d
Bernero, Louis, se.c.corner> 9th and Green
Berthero, Batthias, 336s.south 5th
Bianket, Mary, ws. 2d b.between Lombard and Mulberry
Borgman, Jacob, 103 Wash
Cafferata, Angelo, 16s.south Levee
Chappi, John, 54s.south 7th
Clark, John, 815 Broadway
Costa, James, 97s.south 4th
Delfeno, John, 63s.south 4th
Devoto, John, 63s.south 4th
Donerars, James, 91 n.north 3d
Englemann, Jacob, 279 Carondelet avavenue>
Feragus, John B., 276s.south 5th
Foriano, Guitano, 21s.south 3d
Genova, James, se.c.corner> 8th and Green
Gerber, Valentine, 200 Broadway
Grell, William, 229½ Carondelet av.avenue and 304s.south 7th
Hines, Nicholas, es. Broadway b.between Carr and Biddle
Hitschler, Frederick, 322s.south 5th
Hoffmann, Jacob, 443 Broadway
Jackson, Tobias, 741 Broadway
Katz, Jacob, 184 Carondelet avavenue>
Kenha, Magnus, 355s.south 4th
Kraiger, Jacob, 268s.south 5th
Lemort, Alexander, 367s.south 4th
Leonard, John, 231 Franklin avavenue>
Louis, Andrew, 441 Broadway
Luga, Pitta, 99s.south 4th
Mace, Alexander, 23 Myrtle
Michael, Richard, 283s.south 4th
Michelmore C. & Brother , 55 and 57 n.north 4th
Monahan, Matthew, 48 Washington avavenue>
Muldoon, Patrick, 199 Broadway
Ottolini, John, 219½ Market
Passalacuga, Anthony, 96½ n.north 4th
Patterson, James, 151 Washington avavenue>
Pfeifer, Leon, 243 Carondelet avavenue>
Podasti, Antoine, 109 n.north 3d
Podasti, B., 69 n.north 3d
Podesta, Louis, 17 n.north 4th
Richman, Washington W., 624 Broadway
Sanguinet, Mary, 66s.south 7th
Schuier, David, ss. Hickory nr.s.south 5th
Seelig, Albert, 761 Broadway
Sulie, Bernard, 457s.south 2d
Wieseham, Gerhard W., 51 n.north 4th