St. Louis directory :
(See, also, Blacksmiths.)
Baker, Frederick, 230 Market
Basby, John, 22 Morgan
Busby, Nugent, 220 Green
Cordell & Gormley , alley nr. 10th b.between Clark av.avenue and
Culhaue, Thomas, al.alley rear Market b.between 8th and 9th
Driscoll, Patrick, 368 Broadway
Dunn, John, 90 Green
Eisebraun & Bob , 235s.south 4th
Flanigan, Peter, 64 Biddle
Fox, Charles, 49 n.north 17th
Gaus, Thomas, Plam b.between Main and Levee
Helwig, John, ws. Menard near Emmet
Jones, Levi, 77 Broadway
Kelly, Peter, ws. 2d c.corner> Carr
Ketterer, Emanuel, ws. Menard near Lafayette
Kinsele, Edward L., 169 n.north 9th
Klinkert, Frederick, ws. Menard near Emmet
Largue, George, 16 Carr
McGinness, Philip, 173s.south 5th
Meyer, Herman H., ss. Lafayette c.corner> Menard
Mieller William & Co , 374s.south 2d
Reed & Markham , (agts. for Burden's .) 23 n.north Levee
Scanalt, Patrick, ns. Almond bet.between 3d and 4th
Schwietering, Henry, Emmetsw.south west c.corner> Menard
Sbeahan, Daniel, se.c.corner> Collins and Carr
Sultzer, Henry R., 213s.south 4th
Vreeland, Jacob H., 84 n.north 6th