St. Louis directory :
Baumann & Son , 157 n.north 2d
Bright, Gustavus V , 169 n.north 6th
Burridge, Thomas H., 233 n.north 2d
Cuddy, Carpenter & Co. , Carr b.between Collins and
Broadway. (See advt., p. 122.)
Dickinson, E. D., Shark alb.between Mals and 2d sv.
Olive. (See advt., p. 132.
Doyle & Corby , sw.c.corner> Main and Cherry
Dowdall J.T. & Co. , se.c.corner> 2d and Morgan
Felber, Jacob, Mulberry b.between Main and Levee
Gage James D. & Co. , ne.e.east Palm and 24
Garlichs, Brek & Fisher , Levee c.corner> Plum
Gaty, McCune & Co. , 228n. Main. (See advt.
p. 176.)
Gaty McCune & Co. , 228 n.north Main. (See advt.,
p. 176.
Gilfort, Frederick, al.alley b.between Main and 2d ar. Spruce
Hardesty, Carter & Ranson , 3 Ashley
Holland, John, ns. Madison b.between Broadway and 2d
Haish, Waiter H., ns. Ashley nr. Broadway
Jones, Penberthy & Zakrzewsky , 268s.south
Main. (See advt., p. 494)
King, Angell & Co. , Lamise.south east c.corner> DeKalth
Lawrence James G. & Co. , 320 and 322s.south 2d
Lockwood, W. A., ws. Step b.between Douchouquette and
McCords & Co. , Levee c.corner> Myrtie
Ray, Amos H., 90 Locust
Reed & Mann , ns. Carr b.between Main and 2d
Stupp, J., ws. Carondelst av.avenue b.between Ann av.avenue and Russell
Timmermann, Gerhard H., 23 and 27 Myrtie.
(See advt., p. 474.)
Van Wormer & Reid , Russell av.avenue se.south east c.corner> 7th
Voorhies & Totten , n. Main c.corner> Florida and
Mullanphy. (See advt., p. 24.)
Wiechman, Ferdinand, ns. Chouteau av.avenue nr. 21st