St. Louis directory :
Packing Houses, Beef and Pork.
Ames Henry & Co. , 918 Broadway and 280 n.north Main
Ashbrook Levi & Co. , 920 Broadway
Bayha G. & Co. , 291 and 293s.south 2d
Bell, John, es. Wood near 2d
Hagens, George, 259s.south 2d
Macqueen, William N., 42s.south Main
McFaul, Ambrose, 160 n.north 14th
Steitz, Matthias, 343 and 345s.south 2d
Taylor, R. S., ne.c.corner> O'Fallon and 2d
Whittaker Francis & Co. , 7th ne.northeast c.corner> Carr