St. Louis directory :
(See, also, Drugs and Medicines, Retail.)
Bang, Charles, 83 Carondelet avavenue>
Bohl, Frederick F., 257 Olive
Dornin, William H., Franklin av.avenue cor. 13th
Foerg, Henry, 31s.south 7th
Francis, James W., Broadway c.corner> Mound
Godron, Adalbert, sw.c.corner> Chouteau av.avenue and 7th
Grone, Stephen B., 209 Morgan
Hendel, Samuel D., 2s.south 4th
Hollister, Arthur T., 378 Market
Kalb, Theodore, 149s.south 2d
Knowles & Bro. , Mound c.corner> Broadway
Leitch, Alexander, 4th ne.northeast c.corner> Olive
Massot, Eugene L., 4th ne.northeast c.corner> Spruce
O'Gallagher, James, 722 Broadway
Parker, William B.,136 n 6th
Sander, Enno, 2d ne.northeast c.corner> Walnut. (See advt.,
p. 418.)
Scott, Thomas, 29 n.north 12th
Tanton, Thomas, sw.c.corner> 6th and Olive