St. Louis directory :
Physicians and Surgeons.
(Marked thus * are regular Associate Members of
the St. Louis Medical Society.)
Adreon, Stephen, 79 n.north 6th
*Airey, John D., 68 Walnut
*Allen, Buford J., Myrtle nw.northwest c.corner> 4th
*Alleyne , S. B., 129 n.north 5th
*A;, eode, William H., 11 n.north 13th
*Annan, Samuel, 222 Pine
Backesto, John P., (eclectic,) 403 Market
*Baker, John, 7th c.corner> Morgan
*Baker, L. H., 131 n.north 5th
*Banister, Thomas Y., 185 Carondelet avavenue>