St. Louis directory :
Petri, Ignatius, 142 Franklin avavenue>
*Phillips, George W., 50 Olive and 312 n.north 7th
Pim, Lewis T., 6thse.south east c.corner> Pine
*Pollak, S.,116 Market
*Pope, Charles A., 208 Locust
*Porter, Frank G., 18 St. Charles
Pottenger, John H., 87 Market
*Powers, E. M., Quarantine Hospital
Prout, Hiram A., 147 Chesnut
Prout, Jonathan S., 49s.south 7th
Reinhard, Charles L., 113 n.north 8th
Rimberger, Theodore, 151 Carondelet avavenue>
Riveran, John, 75 Pine
Redgers, Patrick, 165 n.north 4th
*Roesch, Charles, 35 Elm
Roessler, Mary, 205 Wash
Rooch, August, (eclectic,) 304s.south 5th
Rose, Edward, 282s.south 2d
Russell, W.McN.,64 Olive
Schade, Frederick, 139 Carondelet avavenue>
Schonemana, William, ns. Marion near Carondelet
Schuh, Charles, 62 Carondelet avavenue>
Schulte, John, ws. Broadway b, Salisbury and Farrar
Schulte, William, 1142 Broadway
Schultheiss, Charles, 14s.south 4th
*Scott, J. M., 593 Broadway
Scott, John, 421 n.north 9th
Scott & Bryarly , Olivesw.south west c.corner> 4th
Sewell, Stephen C., 79 n.north 5th
Silvers, George, 103 n.north 8th
*Smith, E. T., 4th b.between Olive and Locust
Soninlaw, Ann, (home.) 11s.south 4th
Stark, Solon, 12 St. Charles
Steele, Theophilus, 202 n.north 6th
Stelzleni, Otto, Broadway c.corner> Buchanan
*Stevens, Charles W., ns. Gratiot b.between 8th and 9th
*Stevenson, C. P., 273 Morgan
*Stickel, John, Lindell' , St. Charles
*Tandy, David C., Olive ne.northeast c.corner> 10th
Temple, John T., (home.) 78 n.north 9th
Thorn, Edgar, (eclectic and electric,) 129Morgan
Titus, John W., Pacific nr. Summit avavenue>
Toney, Elijah P., Elizabeth c.corner> Tony
Tapper, L. B., ns. Jefferson b.between Broadway and 9th
Turner, C.Francis, 92 Pine
Tyler, Benjamin F., 47½. Green
Vail, William C., (Indian,) 455 Broadway
Vanhoove, Desire, 366s.south 3d
Van Studdiford, Henry, 48 Vine
Van Zandt, William, 52 Washington avavenue>
Vastine, Thomas J., 4 n.north 5th
Vitalis, Louis, Clark av.avenue c.corner> 16th
*Walker, G. S., 8th c.corner> St. Charles
Walter, Littleton H., 104 Market
Washington, James R., 104 n.north 5th
*Watters, John H., 102½ Locust
*Webb, William, 30 n.north 14th
Wetmore, A. D., 29½ n.north 3d
White, Collins D., 36 Vine
*White, F. W., 10th c.corner> Morgan, and 4th c.corner> Locust
Whittier, Clark, 16 n.north 2d
Wiegel, Philip F., 52 Myrtle
Williams, Edward W., 144 Commercial
*Wislizenus, Adolphus, 91s.south 5th
Wolfe, Napoleon B., Washington av.avenue ne.northeast c.corner> 5th
Wood, Evan B., 441 Market
*Xaupi, X., Washington av.avenue nr. 8th