St. Louis directory :
Saw-mill Manufactures.
Allen, Gernard B., se.c.corner> 2d and Carr
Clark, Richardson A Co. , Main w.west c.corner> Biddle.
(See advt., p. 192.)
Cuddy, Carpenter & Co. , es. Carr b.between Broad-
way and Collins. (See advt., p.122)
Gaty, McCune & Co. , Main and 2d b.between Cherry and
Morgan. (See, advt.., p. 176)
Huish, Walter H., ns. Ashley near Broadway
Kingslands & Ferguson , c. 2d and Cherry
Lockwood, Wm.A., ws. Step, near Douchouquette
Reed A Mann , ns. Carr b.between Main and 2d
Renfrew, , Crozier A Pomeroy , Manx, near Carr
Timmermann, Gerhard H, 25" and 27 Myrtle.
(See advt., P. 474.)