St. Louis directory :
Second-hand Furniture.
Jambs, Flukes, dealer in New and Second,
hand Furniture, 148 N. Fifth. Furniture
bought or exchanged on Liberal terms :
also, furniture'and mattresses made to
Adlebaum, Charles, 259s.south 4th
Anderson, James, 177 n.north 7th
Bennett, ElishaL., 169 n.north 7th
Brown, William, 141 n.north 7th
Brown & Miller , 329s.south 2d
Bunting, Samuel, 376 Broadway
Burnside, William.35 Biddle
clansey, Michael, 256 n.north 5th
Flukes, James, 148 n.north 5th
Gampoles, Marauis, 110 Franklin avavenue>
Goldberg, Moses, 200 n.north 12th
Grandy, John F., 162 n.north 6th
Gray, Charles, 88 Morgan
Grober, Blias, 145 Biddle
Gnenther, Peter, 493s.south 7th
Hawkins, Charles, 105 n.north 5th
Hawtin, Charles, 68 Morgan
Jampelas, Mafx.Franklin av.avenue b.between 20th and 21st
Jurgens, Henry, 69 Morgan
Levi, Moses, es. Jackson b.between Marion and Barry
Liebman, Gregory, 214s.south 2d
Preston, Daniel H., 133 and 110 n, 6th
Skemtt, Oliver, 146 n.north 6th
Steinberg, Henry.139 and 141 Biddle
Voctel, Jacob, 101 and 103 Carondelet avavenue>
Weinberg, Isaac, 53 Morgan