St. Louis directory :
Circuit Courts.

The United States are divided into nine Judicial
Districts. In each of which a Circuit Court is held
twice every year for each State within the Circuit,
and by the District Judge of the State or District in
which the Court sits.

The State of Missouri is attached to the 8th Cir-
cuit, and divided into two Districts, the Eastern and
Western. The Circuit Court and District Court for
Eastern District are held at St. Louis, The District
Court for the Western District is held in Jefferson
City. There is but one Circuit Court embracing both

United States Circuit Courts.

Hon.JohnCatron, , Hon.Robert W.Wells, , Hon.
SamuelTreat, , Judges .

Thomas S.Bryant, , Marshal .

Calvin F.Burnes, , Attorney .

Benjamin F.Hickman, , Clerk .

Terms—1st Monday in April and October, Place
of holding Court, Custom House building.

United States District Court, E.D.

Hon.SamuelTreat, , Judge .

Calvin F.Burnes, , District Attorney .

Thomas C.Reynolds, , Clerk .

Terms—Regular stated, 3rd Mondays in February,
May and November. Place of holding Court, Cus-
tom House building. Admiralty Return Terms—
First Monday of each month.

Place of holding Court, Custom House Building.

United States District Court, W.D.

Hon.RobertW.Wells, , Judge .

Alfred M.Lay, , District Attorney .

James L.Jones, , Marshal .

JasonHarrison, , Clerk .

Terms— 1st Monday in March and September.

Place of holding Court, Jefferson City.

United States Commissioners.

Benjamin F.Hickman, , office St, Louis, Custom

John Y.Page, , Chesnut, bet. 4th and 5th.

Supreme Court
Of The State Of Missouri.

Wm.Scott, , Presiding Judge .

Wm. B.Napton, , John C.Richardson, , Associate
Judges .

Wm. S.Glanville, , Clerk .

Horatio M.Jones, , Reporter .

FrancisJones, , Marshal .

Wm.Kinney, , Deputy Marshal .

Terms—Third Mondays in March and October.

Place of holding Court, Court House, St. Louis.

Local Courts
In St. Louis County.
Circuit Court.

James R.Lackland, , Judge .

StephenRice, , Clerk .

Wm. A.Pennington, , John M.Boyle, , Deputy
Clerks .

Terms—Fourth Monday in February, and first
Monday in October.

Common Pleas Court.

SamuelReber, , Judge .

Charles W.Hicks, , Clerk .

Samuel W.Eager, Jr., JohnLewis, , Andrew W.
Mead, , Deputy Clerks .

Terms—Second Mondays in March and October.

County Court.

Aaron H.Hackney, , Presiding Judge .

Philip S.Lanbam, . John M.Wimer, , Judges .

JosiahThorn burgh, , Clerk .

John F.Humphreys, . Deputy.

Terms of Court—First Mondays in February, May,
August, and September.

Place qf Holding Court—Court House, St. Louis.

Land Court.

Charles B.Lord, , Judge .

Charles A.Mantz, . Clerk .

CharlesLevy, , Samuel S.Dix, , Edmond P.Walsh, ,
Deputy Clerks .

Terms—Second Mondays in March and October.

Law Commissioners Court.

HenryDusenberry, , Judge .

FrankSell, , Clerk .

Terms—First Mondays in February, April, June,
August, October aud November.

Probate Court.

William F.Ferguson, , Judge .

(Vacancy,) Clerk .

PhilipMeurin, , Deputy Clerk .

Terms—First Mondays in March, June, September,
and December.

Criminal Court.

Henry A.Clover, , Judge .

FrederickKretschmar, , Clerk .

MalcolmKretschmar, , C. LesterHamm, , Deputy
Clerks .

Term—First Mondays in January, March, May,
July, September, and November.

Circuit Attorney —Charles G.Manro, —Office N.
39 Chesnut street.

Jury Commissioner —Samuel W.Eager, Jr—Office
in Court House.