St. Louis directory :
Rates Of Postage.

Notice—So letters will be sent from this office to places within the United States, unlets the postage is

Unpaid letters will be sent to places beyond the limits of the United States, in those cases in which such
letters can now be sent without pre-payment.

Unpaid letters deposited in this office for places within the United States will be sent to the Dead Letter
Office, at Washington.

Ii the postage on a letter is part paid, and it is apparent that the deficiency in the payment was unn-
tentional, the letter will be charged with the balance of the postage, and forwarded pursuant to its address;
otherwise, it will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

Letters—The inland postage (which must be pre-paid), for 3000 miles or under, upon single letters, is
three cents; double letters twice, and treble, three times these rates.

Letters for California and Oregon, ten cents.

Every letter or parcel not exceeding half an ounce in weight, shall be deemed a single letter, and every
additional weight or half an ounce or less shall be charged with an additional single postage.

Drop letters, for delivery, only one cent.

Advertised letters are charged with one cent, in addition to the postage.

Newspapers—The postage per quarter on the regular numbers of a newspaper, mailed from the office
of publication to subscribers anywhere within the United States, is as follows :

On a daily paper, 30 cents; tri-weekly, 19 1/2 cents; semi-weekly, 13 cents; weekly, 6 1/3 cents; semi-
monthly, 3 cents; monthly, 1 1/2 cents. Payable quarterly in advance.

Transient Newspapers—One cent each to any part of the United States, if pre-paid.

Magazines— Transient Rates—One cent for first three ounces. Every additional ounce, or fractional
part of an ounce, one cent, pre-paid. To subscribers, one half the above rates, payable quarterly in advance.
Books— One cent an ounce for any distance under 3000 miles ; over three thousand miles, two cents an
ounce, pre-paid,

Circulars—One cent each to any part of the United States, pre-paid.