St. Louis directory :
Government Of Missouri.
R.M. Stewart, Buchanan co. ,
Hancock, Jackson, Randolph co.,
Lieutenant Governor.
E.B. Ewing. Ray co. ,
Attorney General.
B.F. Massey, Jasper co. ,
Secretary of State.
W.H. Buffington, Howard co. ,
Auditor of Public Accounts.
A.W. Morrison, Howard co. ,
State Treasurer.
Geo.W. Huston, Lincoln co. ,
Register of Lands.
W.B. Starke, Saline co. ,
Sup.Com. Schools.
W.E. Dunscomb, Cole co. ,
Com'r of Permanent Seat of Government.
G.A. Parsons, Cole co. ,
Adjutant General.
J.S. Hackney, Cole Co. ,
Quarter Master General.
Col.F. C.Hughes, ,
Warden of Missouri Penitentiary, appointed by
Governor, January, 1857, for four years.