St. Louis directory :
Anzeiger Dbs We3Tens,

Published (Liily and weekly, by the proprietor ,
HenryBcjernstein, , No. 16, North Third street. Henry
Beernstein, and Charles L.Bernays, , editors .

Tonus, daily, $11; weekly, $2 per annum.

Central Christian Advocate,

Published eveiy Wednesday, No. 97 North Fourth
street. Rev.JosephBrooks, , editor ; Rev.T.Lee, , lo-
cal agent .

Tonus, $1 50 per annum.

Chronic, (German Paper,)

Published daily and weekly, by the proprietor ,
FrancisSaler, , at the office, No. li Chesnut street,
up stairs. AdelhertLoehr, , editor .

Terms, daily, $5; weekly, $2 per annum.

Daily Evening News & Intelligencer,

Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly, by the
proprietors , C.G. Ramsey & Co. , at the office, No.
76 North Third street. Abram a.Mitchell, and Dan- N.Grissom, , editors .

Terms, daily, $8; tri-weekly, $5; weekly, $1 per

Der Salon,

Published every Sunday, by HenryBorrastein, ,
editor and proprietor , No. 'Hi North Third street.

Terms, $1 per annum.

Farmer, Miner And Mechanic,
And Good Tempalte.

Published semi-monthly, by Thomas & Mills , edi-
tors aud proprietors , at the office, No. 88 Maiket
street, up stairs.

Terms, $1 per annum.

Gottes Freund,

Published monthly, No. 221/2 North Third street,
by L. G.Baosel, , editor and proprietor .

Terms, 5O cents per annum.

Herald Des Glaubens.

Published weekly, No. 10 Chesuut street, up stairs
AnthonyBoeekler, , editor .

Terms, $2 per annum.

Illusturte Abend Schule,

Published semi-monthly, No. 57 Market street.
OttoErnst, , proprietor .

Terms, 75 cents per annum.

Mtssissippi Blater,

Published every Sunday, by C.Daenzer, and F.
Wcnzell, , proprietors , at the office, No. 31 Market

Terms, $1 per annum.

Mississippi Handels Ze1Tung,

Published weekly, at $3 per annum. RobertWid-, , editor, proprietor and pablibhtr . AlbertKoch, ,

editor ntimnjr department. Sontlivfest cottier Pine
and Third street*.

Missouri Democrat,

Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly, by the
proprietors , McKee & Fishhook , nt the office, Nob. 41
and 43 Locust street. B. GratzBrown, and P. L.
Fov, , editors .

terms, daily, $5; tri-weekly, So; weekly, $1 per

Missouri Republican,

Published daily, tri-wcekly aud weekly, by the
proprietors , George Knapp & Co. , at the office, No-
11 Chesnut street. N.Paschall, , editor .

Terms, daily, $10; tri-weekly, $5; weekly, $2;
Sunday Morning Republican, $2 per annum.

Merchants' Exchange Prick Current,

Published daily and weekly, by Anderson & Gon-
ter , editors aud proprietors , No. 8 Olive streei, up

Terras, $2 per antvim.

Revue D'Louest.

Published every Friday, by JohnWolf, , proprietor .,
at the office, southwest corner of Market and Second
streets. L.Cnrtamhert, , editor .

Terms, $20 50 per annum.

St. Louis Christian Advocate.

Published every Thursday, at the office, Nos. 78
and 80 Pine street. Jsethodist Confei'saoe, proprie-
tors . Rev.D. R.McA-nally, , editor .

Terms, $2 per annum-.

St. Louis Daily Motcnino Herald,

Puhlished hv James L.Faucett, , editor and propri-
etor , at the office, No. 21 Market street.

Terms, daily, $5; Suntjay Herald! S2 per aminm.

St. Louis Daily And Weekly Express,

Puhlished by William-Cuddy, , proprietor , at the
office, northwest corner Third and Pine streets.
John R.Atkinson, , editor .

Terms, daily, 5 cents per week; weekly, $2 per

St. Louis Observer,

Published weekly, by the proprietor , A. F.Cox, , at
the office, northwest corner Third aud Piue streets.
Rev.MiltonRiril, D.D., editor .

Terms, $2 per annum.

St. Louis Presbyterian,.

Published weekly by Keith & Woods , ak tHe-office
88 Market stresfc. Rev.James A.Paige, , Editor .

Terms-$2; per mail, and $2,50 per City Carrier.

St. Louis Price Current And1 Reporter

Puhlishsd every Wednesday, at the office. Mer-
chants' Exchange Building, by Baker & Hudreth ,
Proprietors . Wm. B.Baker, , Editor .

Terms-$2 per annum.