St. Louis directory :
Girls' Industrial Home,

Sooth side of Morgan, corner of Nineteenth street.

Founded 1853.

Frances F.Maltby, , Principal .

HarmoniaBadger, , Matron .

House Of Refuge,

Instituted April. 1855.

Governed by nine Managers, two of whom are ap-
pointed by the County Court, fonr by the City
Council, from their members, two by the Mayor,
from citizens, and the Mayor himself.

F. E.Gleason, , Superintendent .

Mrs.Gleason, , Matron .

Pkksidest -JohnHow, .

Managers -MarshalBrotherton, , RingoldWatson, ,
Carlos H.Greeley, .

Average number or inmates 125, 100 boys and 25

Infant Orphan Asylum,

Corner Marion and Menard streets,
Under charge of Bisters of Charity.

Lasalle Institute For Orphans,

Menard, north-west comer Marion.

Under the charge of the Christian Brothers.

Mullanphy Orphan Asylum,

Directed by the Ladies of the Sacred Heart.

Orphan'S Home,

Norh-west corner of Kleveuth street and Marion

Jennette A.Simmons, , Matron .

Protestant Orphan Asylum,

Seventh street, between Franklin avenue and Mor-
gan Btrect.

Mrs.L.Bnrchard, , Superintendent .

Mrs.JohnBrady, Smith, , First Directress .

Mr.SitsDrake, , Second Directress .

Mm.Jmc E.Lewis, , Treasurer .

Mrs.Irwin Z.Smith, , Secretary .

Mavjiokrs -Mrs.SnlllvanBlond, . Mm.Ales.Han-, . Mm.N. J.Eaton, , Mw.J.Morrisse, . Mrs.Rich-, . Mm.Dutcher, . Mm.JosephPowell, . Mm.Samuel
Copp, , Mrs.Dr.McMurray, , Mrs.Alexander, , Mrs.
Thompson, , Mrs.HenryStagg, .

St. Anns R.C. Asylum.

Located on O'Fallon,s.south e.east c.corner> Tenth street.

Sister Catharine, , Soperiorew .

St. Joseph S Half-Orphan Asylum,

North-west corner Marion and Fnlton streets,
Under the charge of the Staters of St. Joseph.

St. Mary'S R.C. Orphan Asylum,

Located on Biddle, n.north e.east c.corner> Tenth street,
Sister Valentine, , Superioress .

St. Vincent'S German Male And Female
Orphan Asylum,

Erected 1851.

located on Twentieth street, between Cass avenne
and O'Fallon street.

President -John C.Degenhart, .

Vice Prksidsnt -JohnAmend, .

Fiist Secretary - H.Scboa, .

Second Secretary - BernhardUeidarker, .

Cashier -H. T.Spaunborst, .

Marshall -JosephStark, .

Trusteets .-AntonHolle, , FrancisCornet, , Joseph
Hackmann, , BartholomewReis, , JosephDegenhart, ,
BernhardSchmuecker, , H.Buelte, , AntonKreyaest, ,
FrancisWitte, .

St. Philomeena Orphan Asylum.

Corner of Fifth and Walnut streets. Mother Mary
Florence , Saperioress .

St. Vincents Insane Asylum,

Located on southeast corner of Ninth ana Marion

Under the charge of the Stefan of Charity.

John A.Leavy, M.D., aUenaiof Physician .