St. Louis directory :
Biddle Infant Asylum And Lying-In

Directed by the Daughters of Charity.

City Hospital.

Northwest corner of Lafayette avenue and Linn
street. FrancisMolair, , Superintendent ; Susan J.Mo-, , Matron ; Florence M.Corny a, , Res. Physician .

Good Samaritan Hospital.

Located on Carr, between Sixteenth and Seven-
teenth streets. Rev.Louis E.Nollan, , Superintendent ;
AnnaMeyer, , Matron ; T. G.Comstock, , Physician .

Marine Hospital.

Marine avenue, south of the U.S. Arsenal. John
W.Davis, , Steward , Wm. M.McPheeters, , Surgeon .

St. Louis Hospital.

Corner Spruce and Fourth streets. Under charge
of the Daughters of Charity.