St. Louis directory :
Grand Division Sons of Temperance
Of Missouri.

Meets twice a year. Semi-annual session will be
held at Rocheport, Bonne county, on the 4th Tues-
day in April, and the annual session at No. 40 Wash-
ington avenue, on the 4th Tuesday in October, 1859.


WilliamRoss, , of Madisonville, G.W.P.

J. B.Dameron, , of Milton, G.W.A.

Thos. B.Hooper, , of St. Louis, G. Scribe .

A. C.Robertson, , of St. Louis, G. Treasurer .

Win. C.Ebcrt, , of Hannibal, 6. Conductor .

Mcintosh, , of Chantiily, G. Chaplain .

W. C.Porter, , of Millwood, G. Sentinel.

Subordinate Division In St. Lonis.
St. Louis Division, No. 1,

Hall No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every
Thursday evening.

Harmony Division, No. 2,

Hull No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every Fri-
day evening.

Missouri Division, No. 4,

Hall No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every Sat-
urday evening.

Union Temple Of Honor, No. 2,

Hall No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every
Tuesday evening.

Social Temple, No. 5,

Connected with the above. Meets every Monday

United Ancient Order of Druids.
Grand Grove Op The State Of Missouri.

Hall, southeast corner of Market and Ninth streets.
Meets quarterly.

Subordinate Groves of St. Louis.
Missouri Grove No. 1,

Meets at hall on Market, southeast corner of Ninth
street, every Monday evening.

Teutonia Grove No. 2,

Meets at hall on Market, southeast corner of Ninth
street, every Wednesday evening.

United Brothers, No. 3,

Meet* at Hall on Spruce, corner of Second street,
every Tuesday evening.

Harmony Grove No. 7,

Meets at hall on Spruce, southwest comer of
Second street, every Thursday evening.

Gkorge Washington Grove No. 6,

Meets at hall on Chesnut, between Second and
Third streets, every Friday evening.

Western Grove No. 7,

Meets at hall on Market, southeast corner of Ninth
street, every Tuesday evening.

Stf. Louis Grove No. 8,

Meets at hall west side of Seventh, between Park
auenue and Harry street, every Wednesday evening.

Laclede Grove, No. 9,

Meets at hall on Chesnut, northwest comer of
Second, every Thursday evening.

Franklin Grove, No. 10,

Meets at hall, southeast corner of Ninth and
Market, every Thursday evening.

Excelsior Grove, No 11,

Meets at hull, southwest corner ot Webster and
Broadway, every Wednesday evening.

Concordia Grove, No. 12,

Meets at hall. Franklin avenue, northeast corner
of Eleventh, every Tuesday evening.

Mississippi Valley Degree Grove, No. 1,

Meets at ball, Spruce street, southwest corner of
Second, evcrv two weeks.

Pythag0Rd8 Chapter, No. 1,

Meets at halt. Market, southeast corner 01 Ninth,
first and third Fridays of overy month.

Good Templars.
Grand Lodge Of Missouri.

Meets at Jefferson City, third Wednesday in April.

J. H.Alexander, , G.W.C.T., St. Charles; J. P.
Clark, , G.W.C, Mexico; J. H.Moore, . G.W.V.T.,
Charleston ; B. H.Milts, , G.W.S. and T., St. Louis;
W. D.Dawson, , G.W.M., Jefferson City ; J. F.Mar., , G.W.D.M., California ; H. R.Keaton, , G.W.I.
G., Mexico ; Rev.J. M.Hardy, , G.W.C, California.

Subordinate Lodges in St. Louis.
Switzer Lodge, I. 0. G. Templars. No. 130.

Organized February 4th, 185G. Meets at s.w.west corner
of Broadway and Webster streets, every Monday
evening. No. of members 124.

St. Louis Lodge, No. 162, I. 0. G.T.

Organized 1856. Meets n.e.east corner of Franklin av.avenue
and Tenth streets, every Tuesday evening. No.
of members 130.

Lilly Of The West Lodge, No. 221.

Organized May 10th, 1858. Meets No. 40 Washing-
ton av.avenue , every Wednesday evening. No. of mem-
bers, 110.

Improved Order of Red Ken.

Organized in St. Lonis June 20th, 1850. Comprises
four Tribes, working under charters of the Great
Council of U.S.

Hiawatha Tribe No. 1.

Meets in Weld's building, n.north w.west corner of Chesnut
and Third streets, on Saturday evening of each week.

Mtnne-Ha-Ha Tribe No. 2.

Meets in Weld's building, n.north v. corner of Chesnnt
and Third streets, on Thursday evening of each week.

Mohawk Tribe No. 3.

Meets on Second, corner of Spruce street,on every
Friday evening.

Cherokee Tribe No. 4.

Meets in Red Man's Hall, Carondelet avenue, be-
tween Barry and Marion sts., every Tuesday evening.

The Great Council

Holds its sessions quarterly, at Red Man's Hall.


George A.Milli'fan, , Great Sachem .

D.Weil, , Chief of Records .

P. S.Grouse, , Keeper of Wampum .

GeorgeBerg, , Senior Sagamore .

IsaacIsaacs, , Junior Sagamore .

Independent Order Sons of Malta,

Hall on Chesnut street, between Second aud Third,
over Armot's stable,

Meet regularly every Saturday evening.

Missouri Lodge. No. 22,

Meets every Sunday evening at the southwest corner
of Chesnut and Second streets.


A.Kramer, , President .

J.Manheimer, , Vice President .

T.Mayer, , Secretary .

M.Cohn, , Treasurer ,

A.R.O.No. 3.
Ancient Order Of Knighthood,

Hold their meetings on Market street, corner of Ninth,
in the Druids' Hall.

Mr.Jacks, , President ; Mr.Fink, , Vice President ;
Mr.Sonneborn, , Treasurer ; Mr.Landoner, , Secretary ;
Mr.Bowers, , Corresponding Secretary ; Mr.Haas, , Out-
side Guardian ; Mr.Jackson, , Inside Guardian .