St. Louis directory :
Medical And Scientific Associations.
Academy Of Science, St. Louis.

The Academy of Science wan organized aud went
into operation on the 10th of March, 1856. It ob-
tained a charter of incorporation from the Legisla-
ture, on the 17th of January, 1857, with power to
hold real estate; its property is exempt from taxa-
tion. It has collected quite a large museum, and a
library of several hundred volumes, and has pub-
lished two numbers, of volume one, of its transac-
tions. It numbers about one hundred associate
members, eighty-two corresponding members, and is
in correspondence with a large number of other
societies, home and foreign. Its revenues are about
$1.200 a vcar. It has for its object the advancement
of science and the establishment in St. Louis of a
scientific library, and a museum of natural history,
and it is especially devoted to the prosecution of
original research in the natural history and ethnology
of the American continent.

The following gentlemen were elected officers of
the Academy for the year 1859:

President —AdolphusWislizcnus, M.D.

First Vice President —GeorgeEngelmann, M.D.

Second Vice President —Charles APope, M.D.

Corresponding Sec'y —NathanielHolmes, E.sq.

Recording Secretary —J. B.Allcyne, M.D.

Treasurer —S.Pollak, M.D.

Librarian —Theodore C.Hilgard, M.D.

Curators —H. A.Prout, M.D., C. W.Stevens, M.
D.. T. C.Hilgard, . M.D, SpencerSmith, Esq.

Committee on Publication —N.Holmes, . Esq., W.
M.McPheeters, M.D., Gen.Engelmann, . M.D.

Committee on Library —Ii. A.Prout, M.D., C. A.
Pope, M.P., Hon.SamuelReber, .

Committee on Finance —SpencerSmith, Esq., J.
B.Eads, Esq., C. C.Whittclsey, Esq.

German Institute.

For Science, Art, and Mechanics, founded Feb-ruary 1st, 1856. Situated No. 69 South Third street.

Dr.EmilPretorius, , President .

CharlesKanz, , Librarian .

Missouri Medical College.

Northwest corner of Eighth and Gratiot streets.
Founded 1840.


John S.Moore, . M.D., Professor of Theory and
Practice of Medicine.

Joseph N.McDowell, M.D., Professor of Theory and
Practice of Surgery.

AhnerHopton, M.D., Professor of Chemistry and

JohnBarnes, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica,
Therapeutics and .Medical Botany.

Johu T.Hodgen, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and

E. S.Frazer, . M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and
Diseases of Women and Children.

ThomasMcMartin, M.D., Professor of Pathology
and Clinical Medicine.

DrakeMcDowell, . M.D., Adjunct Professor of Sur-

John J.McDowell, M.D., Demonstrator of Anat-

St. Louis Medical College.

This institution was founded in the year 1842 and oc-
cupies a large building on the corner of Seventh
and Myrtle streets.

M. L.Linton, M.D.. Professor of the Principles
and Practice of Medicine.

A.Litton, M.D.. Professor of Chemistry and Phar-

Charles A.Pope, M.D., Professor of the Principles
and Practice of Surgery, Cliuicul Surgery, aud Doau
of the Faculty.

M. M.Pallen, M.D., Protestor of Obstetrics and
Diseases of Women and Children.

W. M.McPhecters, . M.D., Professor of Materia
Mediea and Therapeutics.

Charles W.Stevens, M.D., Professor of General,
Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy.

John B.Johnson, M.D., Professor of Clinical Med-
icine and Pathological Anatomy.

J. H.Watters, M.D., Professor of Physiology and
Medical Jurisprudence.

E. H.Gregory, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy.

Connected with the St. Louis Medical College is the
O'Fallon Clinic and Dispensary—founded in 1850, by
the liberality of Col. John O'Fallon, of this city. It
is under the care of the faculty of the College. Here
the poor are prescribed for daily, and medicines fur-
nished gratuitously. Some 4,000 patients are annu-
ally treated at this charity. Besides this, there are
also attached to the College two huge and extensive
anatomical and pathological museums, as well as the
museum of the Academy of Science of St. Louis,
which arc at all times open to the inspection of the

St. Louis Pharmaceutical Association.

Officers.—Eugene L.Massot, , President .

EnnoSander, and Alex.Iieitch, , Vice Presidents .

William B.Parker, , Uecording Secretary .

JamesO'Gallagher, , Corresponding Secretary .

William H.Dornin, , Treasurer .

ThomasTauton, , William H.Dornin, , Frederic F.
Bohl, , Samuel D.Hcudel, , and JamesO'Gallagher, ,
Executive Committee .

EnnoSander, . Arthur T.Hollister, , TheodoreKalb, ,
ThomasScott, and JamesO'Gallagher, , Committee
on the Progress of Pharmacy .

HenryKnowles, , James W.Francis, , CharlesBang, ,
A.Godron, , and JosephMurphy, , Committee on Un-
officinal Formula .

Pharmaceutical Hall, No. 22 South Fourth street.

Meetings first Thursday in every month.