St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Medical Society.

This society was incorporated en the 25th of January, 1837. It confines its operations to the ad-
vancement of the medical and its collateral sciences
in general, and to the improvement and elevation of
the medical profession in the city of St. Louis, in
particular. Its members consist of three classes,
Senior, Junior and Honorary. Its officers are a
President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Cor-

responding Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected
at each annual meeting, which is held on the first
Saturday of Jannary. The regular meetings of the
eociety convene every Saturday'at 7.30 P.M., at the

hall, corner of Fifth and Locust streets. The society
is at present in a very flourishing condition, and
numbers one hundred and ten regular members.

The officers elected for the year 1839 are as follows:

President —M. L.Linton, Ii.D.Office corner of
Locust and Tenth streets.

Vice President —WilliamJohnston, M.D. Office
corner of Seventh and Pine streets.

Recording Secretary —ThomasKennard, M.D.
Office 98 Pine street, bet.between Sixth and Seventh.

Corresponding Secretary —J. S.Haslet, M.D.
Office, Locust street, bet. Fourth and Fifth.

Treasurer —John T.Hodgen, M.D.Office, corner
of Walnut and Fourth streets.