St. Louis directory :
Chamber Op Commerce.

Merchants' Exchange building, Main street, between
Market and Walnut. Organized 1843.

R, M.Funkhouser, , President .

Charles L.Tueker, , Vice President .

John T.Doughlass, , Vice President .

William B.Baker, . Secretary and Treasurer .

Committee Of Appeals —Graham L.Hughes, , J.
S.Lemoine, , Robert H.Davis, . Joseph H.Ogtewy, . A.
C.Goddin, , Cliaton O.Dutcher, , A. W.Fagln, , Thos.
Barke, , John F.Mauatel, , D. A.January, , EdgarAmes, ,
R. K.Woods, .

Mechanics And Manufacturers' Ex-

No. 63 Chesnut street.

The avowed objects of this association are the en-
couragement, development and promotion of the me-
chanical and manufacturing interests of the citv; the
arbitration or all errors, and misunderstandings be-
tween it members and those of the community hav-
ing business with them.

N. M.Ludlow, , President .

E. M.Leeds, , 1st Vice President .

WilliamStamps, , 2d Vice President .