St. Louis directory :

Resgister of Lands —SamuelSimmons, .

Lanser Mastee —JosephWhelan, .

Wood Master —Joseph M.Magehan, .

of Flour —James H.Swartz, .

of Weights and Measures —Henty
A.Ische, .

of Beef and Pork —FrancisWhitta-, .

Inspectors And Gaugers of Oils —Bart.Able, ,
and JohnSexton, .

Inspector of Buildings and Fires —John E.D.
Couzins, .

Register of Water Rates —John W.Crane, .

President Board of Assessors —Dominique
Urban, .

Managers of House of Refuge —JohnHow, ,
and Carlos S.Greeley, .

Resident Physicaian , City Hospital—Florence
M.Cornyn, .

Keeper of the Calaboose —WilliamLawler, .

Stae and County Collector's Office —Court
House—JamesMcDonough, , Collector , Stephen D.
Axtell, , SylvanCarlin, , W. K.Mitchell, , and William
F.Hardy, , Deputies .

Collector of State and County Dram Shop Li-
cense —Thomas D.P.Lanham, . Office in Court

State and County Assessors —Office in Court
House. Henry W.Williams, , Assessor . John T.
Fowler, , Clerk . F.Long, , Assistant Clerk . William
Kossack, , FrancisCist, . John J.Sutter, , and William
H.Godfrey, , Draughtsmen .

General Road Superintentdent —Office in Court
House—John F.Long, .

Inspector of Poor, and Superintendent of
Toll Gates —Office in Court House. Open from 8
A.M. to 12 M.LewisDozier, .

Jury Commissioner —Office in Court House—
Samuel W.Eager, Jr.

Board Of Assessors.

President —Dominique Urban.

Assistant 1st and 2nd Wards—JuliusRapp, .

" 3d and 4th " Vacancy.

" 5th and 6th " George W.Tenille, .

" 7th and 8th " Charles H.Pond, .

" 9th and 10th " CharlesOsburg, .

Street Inspectors.

1st Ward—FrederickSehaefer, .

2d " HermanSchraeder, .

3d " AdamHorn, .

4th " JohnPaul, .

5th " JohnO'Brien, .

6th " JamesBurgess, .

7th " WilliamColeman, .

8th " Vacancy.

9th " JohnMcKenna, .

10th " William D.Pallies, .


Physician —E. M.Powers, .

Steward —JohnSpencer, .

Matron —AliceSpencer, .

Health Officer,

E. F.Smith, .


Physician —Florence M.Cornyn, .

Steward —Thomas S.Warne, .

Matron —Parmelia J.Warne, .

Justices Of The Peace.

1st Ward—George W.Lynch, , 413 Carondelet av.avenue

Frank A.H.Schnelder, , 157 do.

2d Ward—HenryMcMeans, , 17 Carondelet avenue.

C. D.Wolff, , so do.

3d Do. Juliss F.Sayder, , 273 South Third

Chester B.Powell, , 236 8.Scond st.

4th Do. AlphensSmith, , 12 S. Fourth st.

RodolphHerckenrath, , 21 Walout st.

5th Do Peter W.Johnstone, , 27 Pine st.

LibertySaite, , 23 do

6th Do CharlesHequembourg, , 34 Viae st.

JacobCovert, , 36 do,

7th Do. Thomas J.Dailey, , 42 Cherry st.

Charles F.Walter, , 19 Green st.

8th Do DanielLoyd, , 4 Collins st.

JohnGrether, , 43 Cherry st.

9th Do JamesSweeny, , 41s Broadway,

PhilipMcDonald, , west side of Biddle,
between Fifth and Sixth sts.

10th Do AbnerSuier, , 753 Broadway.

PhilipStremmed, , 35 N. Market st.

Succession Of Mayors.

The first city charter bears data December 9th,1822. The succession of Mayors since that date has
been as follows :

Date Mayors.
1823 to 1829 William CarrLane, .
1829 to 1833 Daniel D.Page, .
1833 to 1835 John W.Johnston, .
1835 to 1838 John F.Darby, .
1838 to 1840 William CarrLane, .
1840 John F.Darby, .
1841 John D.Daggett, .
1842 GeorgeMaguire, .
1843 John M.Wimer, .
1844 to 1846 BernardPratte, .
1846 Peter G.Camden, .
1847 BryanMullanphy, .
1848 John M.Krum, .
1849 James G.Barry, .
1850 to 1853 Luther M.Kennett, .
1853 to 1855 JohnHow, .
1855 WashingtonKing, .
1856 JohnHow, .
1857 John M.Wimer, .
1858 Oliver D.Filley, .

City and Ward Boundaries.

City Boundary.—The city is bounded east by
the Mississippi river, south by Keokak Street, and
west and north by Grand avenue and Spring street.

First Ward.—All that part of the city lying
south of a line beginning on the Mississippi, at the
foot of Soulard street, thence west along Soulard to
Kosciusko, thence northwardly along Sulard to
Linn street, thence westwardly along Lafayette
avenue to the western line of the city.

Second Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the First Ward, and south of a line beginning on
the Mississippi, at the foot of Convent street, run-
ning westwardly along Convent street to Caron-
delet avenue, thence southwardly to Hickory street,
thence southwardly along Grattan street to Parkave-
nue, thence westwardly along Park avenue to the
western line of the city.

Third Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Second Ward, and south of a line commencing
on the Mississippi river, at the foot of Plum street,
running westwardly along Plum to Fourth street,
thence westwardly along Cerre to Fourteenth street,
thence westwardly along the Pacific Railroad line to
the western limit of the city.

Fourth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Third Ward, and south of a line commencing at
the foot of Market street. thence running westwardly
to Tenth street, thence south wardly along Tenth to
Clark avenue, thence westwardly along Clark ave-
nue to the western line of the city.

Fifth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Fourth Ward, and south of a line commencing