St. Louis directory :

Central Ohio

A Short And Direct Route
St.Louis, N. York, Boston, Philathia,
Baltimore, Washington,
And All Eastern Cities, And
Columbus, Cinicinnati,
Louisville And Indianapolis.

This Road Connects at Bellaire, opposite Benwood, (Four miles below Wheeling,)
With The
Baltimoee & Ohio,
And The
Wheeling and Pittsburgh Railroads,
For all Points East; at Zanesville with the
Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanesville Railroad,
For Lancaster, Cireleville, Washiogton,"etc.; at Newark with the
Sandusky, Mansfield And Newark Railroad,
For Mount Vernon, Mansfield, Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc.;
at Columbus with the
Little Miami and Columbus, Piqna aud Indiana Railroads,
For Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Cairo, and
All Points South And West.

Passengers taking the Express Train will have
No Change Df Oars Between Cincinnati And Wheeling,
Ask for Tickets via. Wheeling (or Bellaire) and Columbus.

Great Stock And Freight Route,
Shippers will find it to their interest to take this route.
Through Bills of Lading given,
to all Eastern Cities, at as low rates as any other. Railroad
Route,and all Freight
transported with regularity and dispatch.

H. J.Jewett, , President .
Zanesville, Ohio.

D. S.Gray, , Gen'lFr't Agent ,
Colnmbua, Ohio.

John W.Bbow1T, , Gen'I Ticket Ag't ,
Columbus, Onto.