St. Louis directory :

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago

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Now Completed,
And Cars Run from Chicago to Pittsburgh Without Change,
Connecting With The Great
Pennsylvania Central Railroad,
To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, and the interior Towns
of Pennsylvania, Now Jersey, Maryland, etc.

Merchants by taking this route, will have the benefit of all the Eastern markets at no additional cost
Baggage Checked through.

Connecting at Crestline with Cleveland & Lake Shore Road, to Dunkirk, Niagara Fulls, New
York and Boston, and all the interior towns of New England, via. New York Central and New York A Erie
Railroads. Also, South to Cllumbus, Zanesville, Newark, Mt. Vernon, Steubenville, Wheeling, and interior
towns of Ohio and Virginia.

The above trains connect at Forest with trains on the Mad River Road to Springfield, Urbana, Dayton
and Cincinnati. Also with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati direct.

Fare as Low as any other Route.

Passengers bound east will find this route both pleasant and agreeable, passing through many of the
largest and finest cities of the United States.

Passengers arriving in Chicago on any of the roads, will find attentive check agents at the depots to
receive checks and convey baggage free of charge, to the Pittsburgh and Chicago cars. Sleeping
Cars accompanying each train.

Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket Offices in the West, and at the Company's Office, comer
of Randolph and Dearborn Streets, opposite the Revere House, or at the Depot, west side, comer of
Canal and Van Buren Streets, Chicago.

Be Particular and ask for Tickets by Ft. Wayne.

J. B.Anderson, , Gen'lSupt.

Dan. W.Boss, , Gen'l Western Agent .

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railroad
This new and short line between Chicago and all Eastern Cities, being now completed and in good running
order, and amply supplied with rolling stock, is fully prepared to transport
Between Chicago & All Eastern Cities,
At as low rates and in as good time as any other Railroad Route.

Having erected large and commodious yards, near the corner of Twelfth and Canal Streets, for the
accommodation of Stock shippers, they would call particular attention to dealers in Live Stock, to the
advantages possessed by their route.

Having made, arrangements with the well-known firms of Leech & Co., and Clarke & Co.,
they are prepared to give through receipts between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Chicage at us law a rate as any other Railroad route.

Contracts, Bills of Lading, or any information, can be had at the following places:

No. 51 Kilby Street, Boston

No 80 North St, Baltimore, Magraiv & Koons .

No 3 Doek-st, Philadclph, Lelch & Co.

No. 2 Astor House, New York, Leech &Co.

No. 1 South William-st, ""

Clarke & Co. , Chicago.

Pittsburgh Railroad Freight Depot, Philadelphia, E. J.Sneeper, , Agent

Jas. W,Musson, , Freight Agent , Chicago.

J. J.Houstom, , Gen.Fr't Agent ,
Cor. Dearborn &,Randolph Sts., Chicago.