Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /

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Edwards’ Great West
and her Commercial Metropolis.

A complete Illustrated History of St. Louis,
with over

200 Costly Engravings

From Photographs and Drawings, expressly for
the work.

The Most Costly Book Of Local Character
Ever Issued.

Over three years have been devoted to its prepa-
ration, and near

$20,000 Expended in Its Pub-

Price Only $5,00 Per Copy.

For Sale at the City Directory Office, No. 11
Olive street, near Main.

Western Route Book
Travelers’ Guide,
Showing the
Time of Arrival and Departure of Trains on
the Principal Railroads Through-
out the Great Northwest,
Together with Full Descriptions of all Cities,
Towns, Villages, and objects of interest
on the Different Routes,
Making A
Complete Hand-Book Of Travel,
for the
Pleasure-Seeker and Man of Business.
To which is prefixed a
Lake and River Guide,

Embracing Descriptions of all Cities, Towns,
Objects of Interest and Curiosities on the Great
Rivers and Lakes of the North Western States of
America. Also, a collection of Amusing Anec-
dotes, Interesting Incidents of Travel, etc.

Illustrated with Maps and Engravings.

Published Monthly. Price 15 Cts. per month,
and for sale by Newsvenders and on the Cars.

T. M. Halpion & Co. ,
79 DearbornSt.street , Chicago.

The St. Louis
Journal Of Commerce

Presents its compliments to the Business Men of
the Mississippi Valley and its tributaries, thank-
ing them for their liberal patronage and assist-
ance, by which its Publishers were enable to
enlarge the size and capacity of “The St. Louis
Journal of Commerce.” making it not only a
pride to St. Louis Business Men, but also a valua-
ble medium for information to all who are in
business relations with St. Louis.

We will continue also during the year 1864 to
furnish our readers with a short sketch of the Current Events of the Week as far as they in-
fluence trade, a synopsis of the condition of the

Commercial Relations

of the country, including the latest reliable quo-
tations of Government Securities, State Securi-
ties, Bonds, and Railroad Shares, valuable tables

The Daily Fluctuation During The Fast Four

of Gold in St. Louis, Gold in New York, and |c=p|
Sterling Exchange in New York, which, being
reliable, is alone worth the price of subscription
for reference.

The Fluctuation Of Western Produce in St.

This valuable table is an original idea of the Edi-
tor of the “St. Louis Journal of Commerce,”
giving the daily value of twenty-six leading arti-
cles, and their daily fluctuation during the pre-
vious four weeks.

Thirty Assistant Editors,

consisting in merchants of the highest standing,
honor and ability, have contributed during the
past year regularly to the different departments

“The St. Louis Journal of Commerce.”

A lage number of able Correspondents will
also be added during the year to the present num-
ber of contributors of “The St. Louis Journal of

The Latest By Telegraph

will be also furnished as formerly, and will em-
brace such dispatches as are indispensable for
those who desire to be properly posted in regard
to prices of produce in markets controlling ours.

Our Advertising Columns

present, as will be apparent, the leading institu-
tions, business houses and manufactories, includ-
ing the most celebrated names of the merchant
princes and public spirited men of St. Louis.


One copy for one year in advance $3 00
" " " six months " 2 00