Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
e.east r.residence Mason, , H. W. G.Clements, ,
Attorney, &c. Late Chief Clerk U. S. Q. M. Dep’t.
War Claim Bureau ,
52 n.north Third Street,
Near the Post Office, St. Louis, Mo.
Mason & Clements
Will give their undivided attention to the adjustment and collection of Demands against
the Government. Pension and Bounty Money Correspondents At Washing-
ton and other important points of the country.
References:- Hon. SamuelTreat, , St, Louis; Hon. O. D.Filley., St. Louis; James
H.Lucas, , Esq., St Louis; John s.south McCune, , Esq., St. Louis; Col. w.west w.west Mitchell, , A. Q. M. G.,
Ill.; Col. Wm.William Myers; A. Q. M., St. Louis; Hon. JohnWilson, , Chicago, Ill.; n.north b.between Baker, ,
Adj. Gen. , Iowa; Gen. s.south r.residence Curtis, , Iowa; Capt, w.west G.Rankin, 13th Inf. U. s.south A.; Wm.WilliamF.
Switzler, , Esq., Columbia, Mo.; Col. w.west ABarstow, , Wisconsin; Gen. Rob’tAllen., Chief Q. M.
St. Louis.
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