Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Bonner, Charles, waiter Lindell Hotel.
Bonner, Christian, cigarmaker , 154 n.north 13th.
Bonner, Lafayette, soldier , r.residence 379 n.north 11th.
Bonner, Samuel, Pine, bet.between Ewing and leffingwell
Bonner, w.west C., railroad inspector , r.residence ss.south side Dickson,
bet.between Garrison av.avenue and Webser.
Bonner, William C., r.residence 11 Mound.
Bonnet, John, restaurant and hotel , 10 Ches-
nut, sw.south west c. Main, r.residence same.
Bonney, C. e.east , clerk W. L. Vandervoort & Co. , r.residence
185 Chesnut.
Bonnor, Mary Ann, wid.widow William, , r.residence al., bet.between 9th
and 10th, Franklin av.avenue and Morgan.
Bonsack, Frederick, ship carpenter , 206 Carr.
Bonsack, Frederick C., (Boss & Bonsack,) r.residence sw.
c. 17th and Carr.
Bonties, Herman, r.residence 11th, nw.north west c. Wash.
Bonties, Pualine, midwife , r.residence 11th, nw.north west c. Wash.
Boobier, Samuel, waiter Everett House.
Booge, Harris D., agt.agent , r.residence 11th, bet.between Orchard and
Choutean av.avenue
Boogher, Jessie L., clerk Bell & Jones , bds.boards 262
Boogher, John, clerk Bell & Jones , bds.boards 262 Pine.
Boogher, John J., salesman Henry Bell & Son , bds.
Olive Street House.
Boogher, Simon L., salesman H. & R. B. Whitte-
more , bds.boards Olive Street House.
Booker, Adam, barber , 318 Broadway, r.residence same.
Boon, Mary, (col’d), wid.widow Alexander, , r.residence 17th, bet.
cass av.avenue and Mullanphy.
Boone, Daniel, miller , r.residence 487 Broadway.
Boone, John H., mer. , ns.north side Lafayette, nr.near Grand av.avenue
Boone, Thomas, pilot , es.east side 2d Carnondelet av.avenue , bet.
Park av.avenue and Lafayette av.avenue
Boos, Bruno, tailor , 21 Spruce, r.residence same.
Boos, George M., (Boos & Bonsack,) r, 328 n.north 13th.
Boot, Leonard, machinist , sw.south west c. 11th and Car-
Boote, Alexander, steward , r.residence 245 Biddle.
Booter, Henry, bds.boards 45 Locust.
Booth, Edgar b.between , student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Booth, Edward b.between , (James S. Price & Co.,) r.residence Day-
ton, c. Glasgow av.avenue
Booth, George, moulder Empire stove works.
Booth, Harriet, boarding , 23 s.south 6th.
Booth, James w.west , (J. W. Booth & Son,) r.residence Glas-
gow av.avenue , nr.near Dayton.
Booth, James, foreman rolling mill , Broadway, ne.
c. New Ferry.
Booth, John, engineer , r.residence Mound. bet.between 8th and 9th.
Booth, John, periodicals , c. 4th and Green, r.residence 6th
and Green.
Booth, John n.north , (J. W. Booth & Son,) r.residence Glasgow
av.avenue , c. Dayton.
Booth, Richard, machinist shot tower , r. ne. c.
Bates and Collins.
Booth, Thomas, salesman J. W. Booth & Son , r.residence
Glasgow av.avenue , c. Dayton.
Booth, William, (Booth & Barada,) r.residence 27 n.north 7th.
Booth, William, ropemkr. , bds.boards Chouteau av.avenue
Boolth J. W. & Son , (James w.west Booth, and John
n.north Booth, ,) com, and forwd. , 33 Washington av.avenue
Booth & Barada , (WilliamBooth, and An- s.south Barada, ,) agt.agent real estate , 33 Chesnut.
Boothe, John, paper dealer , r.residence al., bet.between 6th and 7th,
Green and Morgan.
Boothman, John, riverman , r.residence 91 n.north 9th.
Boothman, Joseph, riverman , 89 n.north 9th.
Booy, Patrick, lab.laborer JamesAtwell.,
Bopp, Frank, porter , r.residence 353 n.north 2d.
Bopp, George, riverman , r.residence Cass av.avenue , bet.between 9th and
Bopp, John Chr., lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side al., bet.between Jackson and
Columbus, Soulard and Lafayette.
Bopp, John, sawer , 434 s.south 7th.
Boppart, George, ship carpenter , r.residence ws.west side Columbus,
bet.between Soulard and Lafayette.
Boppmeier, George, 247 Carnondelet.
Bopuda, Josepha, wid.widow , ss. Julia, bet.between 13th and
Boraph, Henry, printer , r.residence 132 n.north 13th.
Borallo, John, fruits , c. Walnut and s.south Levee.
Borak, Mathias, candlemkr. , ns.north side Soulard, bet.between 9th and 10th.
Borbein, William, baker , 129 n.north 13th, r.residence same.
Borchard, Casper, teamster , Salisbury, sw.south west c. 11th.
Borchen, Edward, lab.laborer , bds.boards 132 s.south 2d.
Borcherding, Louis, (Borcherding & Richter,) r.residence
153 Franklin av.avenue
Borcherding & Richter , (LouisBorcherding, and
CharlesRichter, ,) boots and shoes , 153 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Borchers, John H., police r.residence ns.north side 9th, nr.near Carroll.
Borchert, Joseph, lab.laborer , 335 s.south 7th.
Borches, John, salesman , 95 s.south 6th.
Borches, John H., police , ws.west side 14th, bet.between Park av.avenue
and Carroll.
Borches, Klans, lab.laborer , Penrose av.avenue , nr.near 17th.
Borchman, Charles, cabinetmkr. , r.residence Milton, c.
Bordan, —, machinist McCord & Co.
Bordeged, Christopher, drayman Wilson, Levering
& Waters , r.residence 12th, bet.between O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Borden, Francis, ship carpenter , r. se. c. Wright
and 9th.
Borden, Morris, student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington, av.avenue
Borderan, Martin, teamster Geo. w.west Ellis.,
Bordley, D. C. H., agt.agent P. R. R. , r.residence Chouteau av.avenue ,
bet.between 13th and 14th.
Bordman, John, tailor , r.residence c. 14th and Webster.
Borechter, Barney, huckster , Biddle market.
Borg, Charles, pres.president board of county assessors , r.residence
Broadway, bet.between Mallinckrodt and Destrehan.
Borg, Dominick G., teacher music , ss. Ann av.avenue , bet.
9th and 10th.
Borgdolf, Magdalena, wid.widow Christian, , r.residence 89 O’Fal-
Borgelt, William, saloon , ws.west side Front, bet.between Cedar and
Mulberry, r.residence same.
Borgelt, William, saloon , Chouteau av.avenue , bet.between Arm-
strong and Missouri avs., r.residence same.
Borger, Anton, baker , 6th, bet.between Hickory and Rut-
Borgers, Henry, whitener , r.residence 130 n.north 8th.
Borges, John, salesman Mauntel, Bulte & Co.
Borghoff, John, huckster , Biddle market, r. al. bet.
13th and 14th, O’Fallopn and Biddle.
Borghoff, John, ragpicker , r.residence rear 157 Biddle.
Borgman, Charles, porter , r.residence 11 Spruce.
Borgmann, Frank, lab.laborer , r.residence 169 Biddle.
Borgmann, Henry, tailor , 97 s.south Main, r.residence same.
Borgstede, Hermann, 254 Market.
Bork, Henry, machinist Howe & Stone , r.residence 224 n.
Borkalt, Henry, teamster , r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, bet.between 12th
and 13th.
Borkhardt, Frederick, blacksmith J. & G. Scheer.
Borkman, Car, carpenter , ws.west side Jackson, bet.between Mil-
ler and Barry.
Borkman, John, cardriver , r.residence 16th, bet.between Cass av.avenue
and Mullanphy.
Borlinghaus, Henry, baker , r.residence 40 Washington av.avenue
Borlinghaus, Henry, carpenter , 96 Poplar.
Borgmann, Charles, meer. tailor , 71 s.south Main, r.residence Co-
lumbus, near Barry.
Borgmann, Charles, student Jones’ Commer-
cial College , 3d c. Washington av.avenue
Bormphool, George, painter , r.residence 227 Wash.
Born, George, blacksmith , Franklin av.avenue , bet.between 21st
and 22d.
Born, Harriet w.west , wid.widow , 470 s.south 7th.
Born, John, Lafayette, c. Ohio av.avenue
Born, Mary, (col’d) wid.widow , r. al. bet. 11th and 12th,
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Born, William, blacksmith , r.residence 15th, bet.between Franklin
av.avenue and Wash.
Borne, Charles, clerk , 162 s.south 2d.
Bornefeld, Charles b.between , ins. agt.agent , r.residence 86 Elm.
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, by Our Hatter, Keevil, 271 Broadway.