Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
T.Stringer, , L. L. L.Allen, , J.Van Norstrand.,
Stringer, Allen & Co. ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Men’s & Boys’ Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, India Rubber Goods, &c. ,
160 & 162 Main Street,
cor.corner Washington Ave., St. Louis.
Edward, r.residence Bates, EnosClarke.,
Bates & Clarke,
Attorneys & Counselors at Law
cor.corner Third and Olive Streets, over
Bank of St. Louis, Practice in the State, United States, and Mili-
tary Courts held in the city of St. Louis.
Claims against the United States prosecuted
promptly and successfully, before all the De-
partments, at St. Louis and Washington.
J. D.Sullivan, ,
Successor to C. D. Sullivan & Co. ,
Importer Of
Watches & Jewelry
31 Fourth Street,
St. Louis.
mporters Of English and French Chemicals.
Leitch & Corlies,
Druggists ,
[missing figure]
S. W. Cor. Fifth & Market Sts.
Fine Fancy Goods, Toilet Articles. &c.
[missing figure]
Pure Wines and Brandies, for Medical Purposes.
[missing figure]
Chas.Boswell, ,
Lumber Merchant
N. W. Corner
Twelfth & Market Streets,
[missing figure]
A general assortment of Plank, Boards,
Joists, Scantling, Shingles, Siding, Laths,
Worked Flooring, Window Sash, Doors,
Blinds, &c., constantly on hand. Reasonable
terms for cash.
Christian, Reinhard,
Dealer In
Class and Queensware,
Britannia Ware ,
Looking Glasses, Tea Trays, &c.
102 s.south Second Street,
St. Louis.