Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Western Mutual
Fire Insurance Company
of St. Louis, Mo. ,
Office S. E. Cor. Main and Market Streets, Over German Savings Institutions, St. Louis, Mo.
Directors :
Oliver, A. Hart,
r.residence M.Parks, ,
Alton r.residence Easton, ,
JoshuaHouston, ,
Wesley, Fallon,
LouisEspenschied, ,
Daniel T.Wright, ,
G. r.residence Bissell, ,
F.Dings, ,
M. P.Hanthorn, ,
L. D.Baker, ,
w.west b.between May, ,
SilasBent, ,
D. b.between Wilson, , Secretary . r.residence M.Parks, , President .
Oliver, A. Hart, Treasurer , SamuelEllis, , General Agent.
Policies Issued From One Month to Six Years.
St. Louis Savings Bank
Ladue, Tousey & Co.
N. W. Corner of Second and Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.
Receive Deposits, and Deal in Uuncurrent Money,
Coin and Exchange.
Government Vouchers Bought at current Market Rates, or Collected.
Washington Mutual
Fire Insurance Co.
of St. Louis .
Office, 22 Market Street,
bet.between Main and Second Streets, St. Louis, Mo.
Directors :
Chas. w.west Gottschalk, ,
Geo. F.Ditttmann, ,
Ernst w.west Leonhardt, ,
Hermann, H. Meir,
Chas. F.Eggers, ,
John H.Fisse, ,
Charles, w.west Horn,
John H.Burkhardt, ,
Chas. w.west Gottschalk, , President .
Arthur, Olshausen, Secretary .