Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /

Directory or not;” we have had to hunt up, by ingenuity and cunning, the names of those
noble-hearted citizens who, proud of the privileges they enjoy in times of peace, and noisy in the
exercise thereof, tremble now lest their valiant names should be whispered to the enrolling officer.
We have also had to contend against the malicious tongues of those who, jalous of the energy
displayed by men with whose abilities they dare not enter into manly competition, spit their
innocuous venom in idle talk, intendingto be severe. for ourselves, knowing their motives, we
can afford to despise their actions, and depending upon the just appreciation which a generous
community never fails in the end to accord to merit, we shall pursue the even tenor of our way.

In order that the citizens of St. Louis may be supplied with a reliable general Directory,
published annually, we suggest that their patronage and support shall in future be given undivided
to one publisher, whose work hs supplied their wants in this regard, and whose interest it wil
then be to supply such a Directory regularly as will leave no room for irresponsible parties to
step in from time to time and humbug and deceive the public with such specious impositions as
the Business Directories which have been palmed upon this community since the issue of the
last General Directory.

Grateful for the support we have received in the publication of this work, it shall be our most
earnest desire and aim so to labor in our future annual issues as to merit the undivided support of
this community. in that case we pledge ourselves to publish a Directory annually as correct and
complete as it is possible to make such a work, and deliver it to our regular subscribers at the
lowest remunerative price.

In conclusion, we wish to call the especial attention of our patrons to the unique, attractive and
tasteful manner in which the advertisements, accompanying this work, have been displayed.
Hoping that our efforts in this respect will be duly appreciated, we assure our patrons that no
pains shall be spared on our part to render their favors not only of value to themselves, but an
ornament to the work.

The Smith family of St. Louis, is represented in this directory by 529 names, spelled in eight
different ways, as follows: 345 as Smith, 133 as Schmidt, 19 as Schmitt, 16 as Smidt, 8 as
Schmitz, 5 as Smyth, 2 as Schmit, 1 as Schmiet. Of this number there are 33 who rejoice in the
euphonious appellation of “John Smith”—20 “simple Johns” and 13 Johns with one of more

Of the “Thompsons, with a p,” there are 77; without the p, 6. Of the Brown or Browne
family there are 128; Johnson, Johnston and Jonsons, 163; Jones, 130; and Sullivan, 103.

The whole number of names in this directory is 47,632, against 39,096 in 1859, showing an
increase of 8,536 names in five years.


RichardEdwards, .