Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /

Special Notice.—The publication of this work having been delayed, from various causes, be-
yond the time originally announced, we deem a few words of explanation necessary, in order that
our position may be properly understood. in the first place: in accordance with the wishes of
the leading merchants of the city, the work was delayed until after the changes in partnership
and removals of the 1st of January; and again, notwithstanding our earnest endeavers, we failed to
effect an arrancement with any printing house in the city to execute a work of such magnitude, ow-
ing to a lack of the necessary material and an unwillingness (in consequence of the bad reputation
of Directory enterprises,) to undertake the expense of purchasing it. Owing to this circumstance
we were, unwillingly, compelled to send the bulk of the work to another city, retaining the ad-
vertising here, whcih occasioned us a still furtherr delay, with any amount of vexation, expense
and annoyance. in consequence of the above combination of circumstances, we have been com-
pelled to delay the publication of the work to this time,—a delay which has been no less vexa-
tious to the publisher than to the public. in order to guard against simmilar annoyances in the
future, it is the intention of the publisher to have at his command all the necessary materials, in
order that all future editions of the Directory shall be issued with due promptness, under his own
supervision, and in a style of workmanship that shall reflect credit on the city. in this connec-
tion we wish to express our appreciation of the promptness, enterprise and liberality of Messrs.
Graham & Bro., paper merchants, who have manufactured the excellent paper used in this work,
expressly for us.

A new and useful feature will be found at the end of this book, in the shape of a “Railroad Di-
rectory,” accompanied by a map of the city, showing its various railroad routes.

On the opposite page will be found a view of the “Collier Marble Block,” one of the finest
business buildings in the city, occupied by several of our prominent mercantile houses. R. E.,