Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Daniels, John w.west , (Dankin & Bochanan,) r.residence 312
Daniels, Miss Mary, milliner , 100 Franklin av.avenue , r.
Daniels, Missouri, seamstrew , r.residence 53 Mound.
Daniels, Thmas b.between , tobacconist , bds.boards 76 Collins.
Daniels, William, bds.boards Believie stockyard, Man-
chester rd., nr.near Grand av.avenue
Daniels, William, lab.laborer , r.residence 18 s.south 10th.
Daniels, William, soldier , r. al. bet. 7th and 8th.
O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Daniels & Buchanan , (John w.west Daniels, and Mat.
Buchanan, ,) restaurant , 312 Broadway.
Daniher, Michael, porter w.west H.Patrick, , r.residence 230
Danley, Eliza, wid.widow Anthony, , r. bet. 5th and 6th,
Hickory and Butger.
Dann, Edward, land agent , 77 n.north 3d, r.residence 214 n.
Dannarlin, Anton, (Dannarlin, Hetter & Co.,) r.residence
91 n.north 11th.
Dannarlin, Hetter & Co. , (AntonDannarlin, and
GeorgeHotter, ,) tobacco factory , 3 Market.
Dannemann, Joseph, fancy store , r.residence 237 Caron-
Dannefeiser, Adam, carriagemakr , r.residence ss.south side Estelle,
b. 20th and 21st.
Danner, John, 154 n.north 13th.
Danner, Liberat, saloon , 190 s.south Main.
Danner, Sophia, wid.widow George, , r. al. rear 171 Caron-
delet av.avenue
Danne, Henry, blacksmith LouisEspenchled, .
Dank, Emanuel, barkeeper , r.residence 47 Spruce.
Danker, August, porter MarceliusDimmitt, , r.residence 94
Dantis, Edwin, lab.laborer , r.residence 458 Biddle.
Danton, Thomas, lab.laborer , r. al. b. 7th and 8th, O’Fal-
lon and Cass av.avenue
Dantze, Joseph, shoemaker , 149 n.north 14th.
Danz, J. Peter, blacksmith , r.residence 303 s.south 3d.
Danzeisen, Jacob, lab.laborer , r.residence 23 Hazel.
Danzler, Mattheas, lab.laborer , 547 s.south 7th.
Daphurn, August, drayman , r.residence Chouteau av.avenue , bet.
Toney and Jacob.
Dapp, Frederick, riverman , r.residence es.east side Columbus, bet.
Rutger and Miller.
Daprom, Louis, woodman , 86 Cedar.
Darby, , clerk , bds.boards 23 s.south 6th.
Darby, Casswell F., collector J. F. Darby & Co. ,
bds.boards 160 Olive.
Darby’s Building , 5th, c. Olive.
Darby, Hiram, conductor P. R. R. , r.residence es.east side 11th, b.
Market and Clark av.avenue
Darby, John, carriagemaker , r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, bet.
11th and 15th.
Darby, John F., (J. F. Darby & Co.,) r.residence 160 Olive.
Darby, Mary, wid.widow Michael, , 76 O’Fallon.
Darby, Water H., bookkeeper J. F. Darby & Co. ,
bds.boards 150 Olive.
Darby, William, engineer , r.residence 165 Christy av.avenue
Darby, William A., salesman Holloway & Ed-
wards , bds.boards 23 s.south 6th.
Darby J. F. & Co. , (John F.Darby, and Hor-Anderson, ,) bankers , 28 n.north Main.
D’Areambal, Louis F., com. mer.commission merchant , r.residence 12th, c. Hick-
Darche, Augustin, bookeeper , r.residence 131 O’Fallon.
Dardis, John, porter Butler, Ferguson & Co. , r.residence n.
Market, b. 18th and 19th.
Dareng, Gotlieb, miller , r.residence Franklin av.avenue , bet.between 22d
and 23d.
Darley, James, carpenter , al.alley b. Wash and Carr,
14th and 15th.
Darley, Joseph, butcher , r.residence 377 Morgan.
Darling, John, (col’d), porter , r.residence Hicks, b. Locust
and St. Charles.
Darling, John C., operator Troxell & Brother , 72
n.north 5th.
Daling, Peter, (col’d), lab.laborer corral , r.residence Magazine,
b. Fillmore and Webster avs.
Darling, William, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Madison, nr.near 14th.
Darlington, Gabriel, cabinetmaker , r.residence 135 Brook-
Darmody, Matthew, baggaagemaster St. L. S. & T.
H. R. R. , r.residence 39 s.south 4th.
Darmody, Matthew, shoemaker , 276 n.north 5th, r.
Daraey, Marrice, riverman , r. al. bet. Biddle and
O’Fallon, 8th and 9th.
Darnielle, Harrison s.south , tobacconist , r.residence 41 Mound.
Darr, James, peddler , bds.boards 2 St. Charles.
Darrah, Henry T., r.residence 222 Locust.
Darral, William, boilermaker , r.residence Cass av.avenue , b. 14th
and 15th.
Darrow, Joseph L., lawyer , Pine, se.south east c. 3d, r.
199 Locust.
Darst, r.residence A., clerk , r.residence Poplar, b. 14th and 15th.
Dasehman, Joseph, cigarmaker , r.residence 109 n.north 14th.
Dassler, John G., shoemaker , 125 Franklin av.avenue , r.
Daterman, Henry, teamster , ns.north side Benton, bet.between 13th
and 14th.
Datrick, John, merchant , r.residence Olive, bet.between 24th and
Dattelzeweig, Frederick, clothing , 301 Broadway,
r.residence 199 n.north 5th.
Datz, Adam, saloon , 89 s.south 2d, r.residence same.
Danb, George, clerk LeoLevis, , r.residence 327 Broadway.
Daub, George, student Rohrer’s Commercial
College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Daub, George P., saloon , 327 Broadway, r.residence same.
Daub, Philip, student Rohrer’s Commercial
College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Daubaignan, Joseph, bookeeper JamesArcher, , r.residence
Franklin av. nr.near 22d.
Daubaignan, Rene, grocer , ne.north east c. Franklin av.avenue and
19, r.residence same.
Dauber, Nicholas, prof. music , r.residence ws.west side 11th, b. Mad-
ison and Jefferson.
Dauel, Ferdinand, lab.laborer , ws.west side 14th, bet.between Julia and
Allen av.avenue
Daneruheim, Catharine, wid.widow , r.residence 270 Wash.
Danernhelm, Charles, harnesssmaker H. J.Patrick, ,
r.residence 234 Market.
Danernheim, Lewis, foreman DavidCaughlin, , r.residence 129 n.north 18th.
Dauernheim, Philip, saloon , 44 and 46 s.south 2d, r.
Daul, John, journeyman FrederickWorth, , r.residence 5th,
b. Poplar and Cedar.
Daum, Jacob, lab.laborer , 241 Carondelet.
Daum, Joseph, saloon , 112 s.south 2d, r.residence same.
Dansch, Frank, barber , r.residence ws.west side 13th, bet.between Madison
and Jefferson.
Dausman, George, roller Liggett & Dausman.
Dausman, Henry, (Liggett & Dausman,) r.residence Ca-
rondelet av.avenue , c. Osceola.
Danwalter, John, tanner , 513 s.south 7th.
Davany, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ns.north side Sidney, nr.near Easton.
Davany, John, teamster , r.residence ws.west side Jackson, b. Victor
and Sidney.
Davenport, Joseph b.between , r. al. b. Howard and Mul-
lapny, 8th and 9th.
Davenport, Samuel D., (Claflin, Allen & Co.,) r.residence
9 Waugh Row, 14th, nr.near Chouteau av.avenue
Davey, James, shipcarpenter , r.residence 378 n.north 9th.
Davey, Samuel, (col’d), barber , bds.boards 65 n.north 17th.
Davey, Thomas, lab.laborer Washington Foundry.
David, John, miller , es. al. b. 13th and 14th, La-
fayette and Emmet.
Davidson, , machinist McCords & Co.
Davidson, Allen, student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Davidson, Allen b.between , clerk Western House.
Davidson, Charles, saddler J. B. Sickles & Co.
Davidson, Charles T., clerk , r.residence Austin, b. 15th and
Davidson, David, clerk Wm.WilliamFrame, , r.residence c. 17th and
Cass av.avenue
Davidson, James, student , bds.boards 159 Broadway.
Look for Keevil’s Great National Hat, 271 Broadway. Fashion’s Temple!