Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Forsting, William, porter , 49 and 51 s.south Main, r.
Forster, John, drugclerk . bds.boards Carr, se.south east c. 15th.
Forster, John. Sawyer , 426s. 7th.
Forster, Marquard, vinegarmkr , sw.south west c. Spruce, nr.near
Forster, Michael, collarmkr , r.residence Columbus, se.south east cor.
Forster, Theodore, (Chadbourne & Forster,) r.residence Estelle, b. High and Pratte av.avenue
Forsyth, , wid.widow , r.residence Cozzens, c. Pratte av.avenue
Forsyth, Mrs., wid.widow , r.residence Franklin av.avenue , b. 19th and
Forsyth, James, fruitstand , Franklin av.avenue and
Broadway, r.residence 250n. 7th.
Forsyth, John, carpenter , r.residence es.east side 16th, b. O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
Forsyth, Leonard e.east , Freight agt.agent Bellefon-
taine Line, and Erle Railway, office 58n.
Fortel, Louis, r.residence Orchard, b. 10th and 11th.
Forthman, Charles, saddler , bds.boards Franklinm av.avenue , b.
22nd and 23d.
Forthman, Bernhard, cooper , Salisbury, b. 11th
and 12th.
Forthuber, Catharine, wid.widow Rheinhardt, , r.residence ns.north side Wash,
b.24th and 25th.
Fortman, Fredrick, wagonmkr , Hackman and Lu-
king .
Fortmann, Frederick, riverman , 133 n.north 9th.
Fortmann, Richard, carpenter , r.residence Orchard,b. 10th
and 11th.
Fortune, , medical student , bds.boards 23 s.south 6th.
Fortune, , blacksmith McCords & Co.
Fortune, James, grocer , 157n. 3d, r.residence nw.north west cor.
10th and Wash.
Fortune, James, machinist , 37 and 38 s.south Levee.
Fortune, Joseph F., student Jones’ Commer-
cial College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Fortune, Mark, pressman , r.residence Pau, c. Hickory.
Fortune, Walter, saddletree mafr. , r.residence ss.south side Clark av.avenue ,
nr.near 15th.
Foschlan, Michael, cabinetmkr. , r.residence n.north Market, bet.
18th and 19th.
Fosdick, Mortimer, riverman , r.residence 118n. 11th.
Fosiler, Frank, tailor , 12th,b. O’Fallon and Cass
Foss, John, lab.laborer , r.residence 135n. 10th.
Foss, William, upholster , r.residence ws.west side 10th, bet.between Spring
and Montgomery.
Fossell, Henry, huckster , n.north Market Hall.
Fossick, Anne, wid.widow Henry, . rear. 123 n.north 9th.
Fossier, John, machinist , 7th, nr.near Arsenal.
Foster , r.residence 321 Washington av.avenue (information refus-
Foster, Abial w.west , machinist , r.residence Orange, b. 20th
and 21st.
Foster, Anthony M., bricklayer , r.residence 130n. 11th.
c. St. Charles.
Foster, Charles, actor , r.residence 213 Market.
Fostkuler, Christopher, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Benton,
b. 13th and 14th.
Foster, David w.west , speculator , r.residence 39n. 11th.
Foster, Elljah, machinist , r.residence 314n. 6th.
Foster, Ephraim, clerk James Clark & Co. , ne.north east c.
12th and Chambers.
Foster, Francis, saddletreemkr. , 49 Carroll.
Foster, Frank, boxmkr. , r.residence 249 n.north 13th.
Foster, George, lab.laborer , r.residence 12th, b. Carr and Biddle.
Foster, George, Woodsawer , r. al. b. 11th and
12th, Carr and Biddle.
Foster, George r.residence , salesman Samuel C. Davis & Co.
Foster, John, with w.west n.north Macqueen, .
Foster, Jocub, painter , r.residence 109 Christy av.avenue
Foster, James P., asst.assistant bookkeeper Pratt & Far , r.residence
15th c. Dodia.
Foster, John, shoemkr. , r.residence 358n. 9th.
Foster, John, clerk , bds.boards 152 Market.
Foster, Joseph, architect , Weld’s bldg.building 3d, c. Ches-
nut, r.residence 170s. 4th.
Foster, Joseph, (col’d), r.residence 110n. 11th.
Foster, Parks, (col’d), lab.laborer , r. al. b. 7th and 8th,
nr.near clark av.avenue
Foster, Peter, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Spruce, nr.near 12th.
Foster, Robert. moulder . bds.boards Wash. c. 20th.
Foster, Samuel, col. U.S.A. , r.residence 167 Olive.
Foster, Susan, bagmkr , r.residence 6th, nr.near Cass av.avenue
Foster, Thomas, (col’d), lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side 11th, b. Spring
and Wright.
Foster, Walter b.between , sec.secretary Pacific Ias. Co. of St. Louis ,
Pine. c. Main.
Foster, William, bds.boards 170 s.south 14th.
Foster, William, lab.laborer Willson & Atwell .
Fot, Henry, teamster , r.residence ss.south side Waren, bet.between 14th and
Foth, Henry, lab.laborer , Carroll. nr.near 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Fotheringbam, David s.south , salesman Ubsdell, Barr,
Duncan & Co. , r.residence 5th, b.Chesnut and Pine.
Fotmann, William, wagonmkr ., r.residence al., bet.between 11th
and 12th, Franklin av.avenue and Morgan.
Foud, David, waiter Lindell Hotel .
Fould, Isaac, clothing store , r.residence 170 Wash.
Foulhafer, Valentine, soldier , r.residence 170 Wash.
Fountain, George r.residence , (col’d), riverman , bds.boards 178
n. 12th.
Fountain, Joseph, clerk , rooms 273 n.north 6th.
Foussette, Batiste, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side Jackson, bet.between Carroll and
Fowler, Dennis, at Price’s tobacco factory .
Fowler, e.east s.south , (E. S. Fowler & Co.,) bds.boards Planters’
Fowler, Edwin, agt.agent Mutual Benefit Ins. Co. , office
34 Olive.
Fowler, John, at Price’s tobacco factory .
Fowler, John w.west , foreman , r.residence ws.west side Alby, nr.near Bell.
Fowler, Mary, wid.widow Dennis , r.residence 20 Mound.
Fowler, Oliver J., carpenter , r.residence 20 Chambers.
Fowler, Patrick, grocer , 419 market, r.residence same.
Fowler, Samuel, bricklayer , r.residence al., bet.between 8th and
9th, bet.between O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Fowler, William, foreman news room, Misourl
Republican, 216 Pine.
Fowler E. S. & Co. , (e.east s.south Fowler, and Sam-Holmes, , prod. and com. mers. , 13s. main.
(See adv.)
Fox, Alexander, soldier , r.residence 111 Christy av.avenue
Fox, Andrew J., photographer , cor.corner 4th and Olive,
r.residence same.
Fox, Anthony, contractor , r.residence Papin, bet.between 14th and
Fox, Catharine, wid.widow , John, , r.residence ns.north side Palm, bet.between 9th
and 11th.
Fox, Charles w.west , patternmaker , r.residence 83n. 17th.
Fox, Conrad, lab.laborer , r.residence Barsaloux and Lynch.
Fox, David M., (Fox & Clardy,) 7 n.north 17th.
Fox, Elias w.west , (Pratte & Fox,) r.residence Locust and
Fox, George, patternmkr , n.north Market, bet.between 18th and
Fox, Harrison, engineer , bds.boards Main, ne. cor. O’Fal-
Fox, Henry H., trunkmaker , bds.boards 5th, bet.between Wash
and Carr.
Fox, James, teamster , Arsenal, nr.near Menard.
Fox, Jmes e.east , patternmaker , r. ne. cor. Lucas
and 13th.
Fox, John, carpenter , ss. Carr. bet.between 22d and 23d.
Fox, John, wheelwright , r.residence Biddle, bet.between 10th and 11th.
Fox, John H., U.S. asst.assistant assessor , r.residence 8th, bet.
Rutger and Hickory.
Fox, Joseph, clerk , r.residence 165n. 5th.
Fox, Joseph, salesman F.Datelzweig, , bds.boards 5th, b.
Wash and Carr.
Fox, Lawrence, lab.laborer , bds.boards 43 O’Fallon.
Fox, Martin. lab.laborer , 191 n.north 11th.
Fox, Mrs, wid.widow r.residence Randolh, bet.between 12th and 14th.
Fox, Michael, carpenter , r.residence 12th, bet.between Austin and
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, by our Hatter, Keevil, 271 Broadway.