Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Gerin, John, striker , r.residence 18th, bet.between Cass av.avenue and O’Fallon.
Gerk, Johann F., bricklayer , r.residence DeKalb, se.south east cor.
Gerke, John, brewer , Barry, bet.between 8th and 9th.
Gerken, Jost, helper , r.residence Jefferson, bet.between 12th and
Gerkhardt, William, saloon , cor.corner Market and 7th,
r.residence same.
Gerlach, Ferdinand, saloon , Carondelet av. nr.near Ma-
rine av.avenue
Gerlach, Frederick, barkeeper. r.residence 73 n.north 3d.
Gerland, Phillip, cigarmnfr. 85 O’Fallon, r.residence same.
Gerling, Charles, grocer , 11th, ne. cor. Carr. r.
Gerling, Henry, whitewasher , r.residence ss.south side Benton, bet.
13th and 14th.
Gerloff, William, cooper , r.residence Broadway, bet.between Cham-
bers and Webster.
Germain, Louis, r.residence 55 Olive.
German Emigrant Aid Society , 35 Wal-
German, Henry, liquordealer , r.residence 5th, cor.corner Spruce.
German, Henry, (Wezler & German,) r. cor. 5th
and Spruce.
German Mutual Life Insurance Co. ,
office, 22 Market.
German Protestant Orphan Asylum , Pratte av.avenue ,
cor.corner Dayton.
German Saving Institution , Main, se.
cor.corner Market. (See adv.)
GermaniaSaeugerband , Jackson, se. cor. Marion.
Germann, Henry, liquors , bus. 80 s.south 5th.
German, Martin, saloon se. cor. 3d and Convent.
German, Phillip, blacksmith 206 n.north 9th.
Germer, Frederick, turner , r.residence rear 130 n.north 9th.
Germer, Jacob, messenger Board of Public Schools,
bds.boards 318 s.south 5th.
Germer, Jacob, student Roher’s Commeb-
cial College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Germer, Matthias, tailor , 320 s.south 5th.
Germnet, Mary, wid.widow , r. al. bet 7th and 8th, nr.near
Clark av.avenue
Gerner, Christina, wid.widow Philip, , r.residence rear 210 s.south 2d.
Gerngros, Fritz, porter , r.residence ws.west side Jackson, bet.between Picotte
and Trudean.
Gernhard, August, brushmkr. rear 321 s.south 5th.
Geroek, Julius, tinner Quernheim & Gerock , r.residence al.
bet.between 12th and 13th, O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Gerold, Andreas, woolengoods , 563 s.south 7th.
Gerold, Fritz, cigarmkr , r.residence ws.west side 13th, bet.between Jefferson
and Mouroe.
Gerold, Henry, carpenter 54 Convent.
Gerold, Ignatz, baker , r.residence Jackson, ne. cor. Barry.
Gerold, Lewis, cigarmkr , r.residence ws.west side 13th, bet.between Jefferson
and Monroe.
Geromont, Louis, porter , r.residence 186 n.north 6th.
Geron, John, grocer , O’Fallon, ne. cor. 16th, r.
Gerring, Cristian C., drayman , Walnut, bet.between Sum-
mit and Pratte avs.
Gerringer, William, student Rohrer’s Com-
mercial College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Gerritzen, Adelgunda, midwife , r.residence rear 334 s.south 2d.
Gerritzen, Gerhard, saddletreemkr. , r.residence rear 334
s.south 2d.
Gerritzen, John, saddletreemkr , r.residence 334 s.south 2d.
Gerrold, John, carpenter Empire Stove Works.
Gerse, Henry, barkeeper Hickory, bet.between 5th and 6th.
Gerserich, Louis, tin waremnfr. 9 St. Charles, r.
Market, bet.between Main and 2d.
Gershon, Aaron, mer. tailor 52 n.north 5th, r.residence 15
n.north 8th. (See adv. opp. front paster.)
Gershon, Joseph, (Morris & Gershon,) r.residence 15 n.
Gershon, Morris, clothing , 137 Market, r.residence 168 s.
Gersie, Henry, saloom 34 Locust, r.residence Hickory nr.near
Gersling, William, turner , r. cor. 14th and Frank-
lin av.avenue
Gerst, Adolph, r.residence 209Franklin av.avenue
Gerst, Frederick, (Kleindienst & Gerst,) r.residence cor.
8th and Cass av.avenue
Gerst, Jacob, lab.laborer , r.residence n.north Market, bet.between 18th and
Gerst, John, barkeeper , bds.boards 107 n.north 9th.
Gerst, John, railmkr. Kleindienst & Gerst.
Gerst, Joseph, lab.laborer , r.residence Columbus, sw. cor. Trudeau.
Gerstle, Jacob, lab.laborer , r. ws. al. bet. Dekald and
Kosciuski, Picotte and n.north Trudeau.
Gertes, Henry, rectifier , r.residence 29 Spruce.
Gerting, Henry, bds.boards 60 Market.
Gertig, William, cooper , r.residence ss.south side Montgomery, bet.
9th and 10th.
Gertner, Xavier, wood and ivory turner , 49 Poplar,
r.residence same.
Gertrell, John, pilot , r.residence 153 Wash.
Gretrell, Sarah, wid.widow Wallter, , r.residence 153 Wash.
Gertry, Edward, machinist , 7th, bet.between O’Fallon and
Gerry, William, cooper , r.residence ss.south side Montgomery, bet.
9th and 10th.
Gertz, William, messenger Prov. M. Gen. Office,
bds.boards Randall House.
Gerwenka, Charles, rear 120 Geyer av.avenue
Gerwiener, Joseph, grocer , 313 s.south 7th.
Gerwig, Theodor, lab.laborer , 553 s.south 7th.
Gerwiner, Arnold, soldier , es.east side 13th, bet.between Soulard
and Carroll.
Gerwing, George, lab.laborer , r. al. bet. Ratger and Park
av.avenue , 5th and 7th.
Geschky, Baldwin, shoemaker , 1290 Broadway.
Geschwend, Koseph A., mer. tailor , 55 Market, r.
Geselman, Herman, painter Hackman & Luking.
Gesiker, Conrad, lab.laborer , r.residence n.north market, bet.between 16th and 17th.
Gealand, George w.west , driver hose carriage Mo.
No. 5.
Gesseling, John W. F., turner , r. cor. 16th and
Gessert, Christian, saloon , 449 s.south 2d, r.residence same.
Gessiger, Micahel, whitewasher , r.residence 156 s.south 2d.
Gessier, Emil, bookkeeper Mechanic’s Bank , r.residence ns.
Hickory, nr.near Ham.
Gessler, Geroge, porter , r.residence es.east side 13th, bet, O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
Gessner, Christian, lab.laborer r.residence Columbos, se. cor. Sou-
Gessner, Frederick, teacher , r.residence ss.south side Benton, bet.
13th and 14th.
Getgoa, Joseph, engineer , bds.boards Main, ne. cor. O’Fal-
Geth, Andreas, painter , es.east side 9th, bet.between Lafayette and
Geyer av.avenue
Gethari, Charles, tailor , 43 s.south 2d, r.residence same.
Getner, Fordinand, musician , r.residence 160 n.north 12th.
Gett, Diana, wid.widow , r.residence 211 Olive.
Getty, James, carpenter and builder , r.residence 235 Chris-
ty av.avenue
Getty, James, stonecutter , r. al. bet. Carr and Bid-
dle, nr.near 15th.
Gettys, William F., (Boylan & Gettys,) r.residence 552
Gettus, William, police , r.residence 2d, c. Hempstead.
Gettys, William P., r.residence 552 Morgan.
Getz, Alexandria, salesman Sonneborn, Seligman
& Marx , r.residence 99 n.north 4th.
Getz, William, machinist , r.residence 85 O’Fallon
Getzheim, Peter, porter , 156 Geyer av.avenue
Getzweller, Peter, studetn Jones Commer-
cial College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Gewe, Charles A., tailor , r.residence es.east side 9th, bet.between Market
and Walnut.
Geyer, Henry, blacksmith , 137 Wash, r.residence 158 n.
Geyer, Susan, wid.widow George, , r.residence 107 Brooklyn.
Gheens, Hugh, r.residence 62 s.south 7th.
Gherst, Emile, bootmaker , r.residence Frenchtown.
Gherst, Fredrich, carpenter , bds.boards c. 15th and
Look for Keevils’ Great National Hat, 271 Broadway. Fashion’s Temple.