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Saint Louis Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store ,
(Established 1845, By Wm.William M.Plant., .)
Sign Of The Gilt Plow.
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25 n.north Main Street, bet.between Chesnut & Pine,
Also, Nos. 203 n.north Fourth Street, & 204 Broadway, bet.between Morgan & Franklin Ave.
Wm.William M.Plant, , AlfredPlant,
Plant & Brother ,
Manufacturers Of
Agricultural Machines and Tools,
Also, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Garden, Grass & Other Seeds .
Constantly on hand, a large assortment, at lowest market rates. Most of our Garden Seeds are raised expressly for us, by experienced seed growers, and we can confidently
recommend them to be fresh and genuine. Circulars furnished gratis. Wer are also pre-
pared to furnish the following:
Reapers and Mowers, several patents.
Railroad Horse powers, with Threshers,
Lever do. do.
Portable Hay Presses,
Sugar Cane Crushers,
Clover Hullers,
Threshers With Separators Or Cleaners, Smut Mills,
Straub’s and Burrows’ Portable French Burr Corn Meal and Flour Mills.
Rubber and Hemp Steam Packing, Lace Leather, Rubber Hose, Fence Wire, Railroad, Hay, Ware-
house, Platform, Grocers’ and Druggists’ Scales.
Rubber and Leather Belting and Hose,
Portable Furnaces, with cauldrons,
Dog Powers, Churns,
Cheese Presses,
Ox Yokes and Bows, Ox Chains,
Plows, Harrows, Trace Chains,
Cultivators, Whiffletrees,
Horse Hoes, Seed Drills, Corn Planters,
Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Rakes, Forks,
Axes, Hatchets, Hammers, Wrenches,
Bill an Bush Hooks,
Hedge and Grass Shears,
Pruning and Budding Knives,
Grain Cradles, Sicles, Grass Hooks,
Hay, Straw and Corn Stalk Cutters,
Hand and Power Corn Shellers,
Portable Cider Mills, with Press,
Corn and Cob Crushers,
Fanning Mills, Garden engines,
Chain Pumps and Fixtures,
Garden and Railroad Wheelbarrows,
Store and Railroad Trucks,
Field and Garden Rollers,
Horse and Hand Hay Rakes,
Seythes, Snaths, Stones and Rifles,
Hay, Straw and Corn Knives,
Pruning Saws and Chisels.
Call and Examine Our Stock and Prices.
Send for our Descriptive Catalogue, which will be furnished, gratis, on application at
our Warehouses, or by mail, when five Cents is sent, to prepay the postage.
January, 1864. Plant & Brother .