Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Roman Catholic.
The Province of St. Louis comprises the dio-
ceses of St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Alton, Mil-
waukee, Dubuque. St. Paul, and Sante Fe ; the
Vicariates Apostolic of Kansas and Nebraska,
and embraces Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee. Wis-
consin, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico,
and Indian Territory.
Archbishop —Most Rev. Peter RichardKenrick, ,
D. D.
Coadjutor —Right Rev. JamesDuggan, , D. D.
Vicar General —Very Rev. JosephMelchoir.,
Cathedral Of St. Louis.
On south side of Walnut street, between Sec-
ond and Third streets. Erected in 1833.
Hours of service—5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 1/2 A. M.,
and 3 1/2 P. M.
Rev. F. M.Keilty, , Pastor .
Rev. P. r.residence Donnelly, , Assistant Pastor .
Chapel Of St. Louis Hospital.
Hour of service—10 A. M.
Rev.reverend M.Welby, , Chaplain .
Chapel Of St. Joseph Academy.
Hour of service—10 A. M.
Rev. JamesO’Brien, , Chaplain .
Chapel Of The Ursuline Convent.
Very Rev. JosephMelchoir, , Chaplain .
Church Of The Annunciation.
Sixth, corner of Chouteau av.avenue
Rev. P. T.Ryan, , Pastor .
Hours of service—8, 10 1/2, A. M., and 3 1/2 P. M.
Church Of The Assumption.
Eighth, corner Sidney street.
Hours of service—8, 10 1/2 A. M., and 3 1/2 P. M.
Rev. M.O’Riordan, , Pastor .
Church Of The Immaculate Concep-
Located on Eighth street, corner of Chesnut.
Erected. 1854.
Rev. PatrickFeehan, , and Rev. JamesO’Brien, ,
Pastors .
JamesQuigley, , Sexton .
Hours of Divine service—10 1/2 A. M. and 3 1/2 P. M.
Church Of The Holy Trinity (Ger-
man Congregation.)
Located on Malinckrodt street, corner of Elev-
enth. Dedicated, 1858.
Rev. GaspardDoebbner, , Pastor .
Hours of Divine service—7 and 9, A. M., during
the summer, and 8 and 10 during the winter ;
vespers, 2 1/2 P. M.
St. Bridget’s.
Located on Pratte avenue, north-east corner of
Carr. Erected 1860.
Rev.reverend w.westWalsh, , Pastor .
Rev.reverend e.eastBerry, , Assistant Pastor .
Hours of Divine service—6 1/2, 8 and 10 1/2. A. M.
and 3 1/2 P. M.
St. Francis Xavier’s Church.
Located on Ninth street, corner of Green.
Erected, 1840.
Rev. MichaelCorbett, , Pastor .
WilliamFoley, , Sexton .
Hours of Divine service—5, 6, 7, and 10 1/2 A. M.,
and 3 and 7 1/2 P. M.
St. John Nepomucene (Bohemian Con-
Located on Rosatti street, corner of Soulard
Erected, 1854.
Rev. FrancisTrogan, , Pastor .
Hours of Divine service—10 A. M., and 1 1/2 P. M.