Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Wm.WilliamPatrick, , G. F.Filley, , Chas.Todd., Ed.
Brooks, , F. w.west Whittaker, , J. b.between Sickles, , Edgar
Ames., Geo. P.Plant, , P. H.Jones, , A.Shapleigh, ,
C. s.south Greeley, , James M.Corbit, , w.west r.residence Pritchard.,
Rohrer’s Commercial College.
LouisRohrer, , President, and Professor of Com-
mercial Science . Residence, Chouteau avenue,
between Seventh and Eighth streets.
G.Boeshenz, , and JohnMehl, , Permanent As-
sistants in the Bookkeeping Department .
J. A.Higgins, A. M., and J. A.Abell, , Profes-
sor of Mathematics and English Grammar .
w.west C.Hooker, , Professor of Penmanship and
Commercial Correspondence .
H. L.Ellsworth, , Professor of Practical Tele-
graphing .
SimonKuh, , Professor of Drawing and Orna-
mental Penmanship .
JohnHummel, , Instructor in German Grammar .
Dr. FelixFerriere, , Instrucotr in French Gram-
mar .
LouisCarecras, , Instructor in Spanish Grammar .
Hon. e.east H. E.Jameson, and John F.Hume, ,
Esq., Lecturers on Commercial Law and Business
Customs . (See adv’t.)
St. Louis University.
Located between Green street and Washington
avenue, west of Ninth street. Entrance, from
Green street, Founded by members of the Soci-
ety of Jesus, in 1829, and incorporated by the
Legislature, in 1832. (See adv’t page.)
Rev. ThomasO’Neil, , S. J.President .
Rev. F.Stuntebeck, S. J., Vice President, and
Professor of Matematics .
Rev. s.south P.Nussbaum, S. J., Professor of Mental
and Moral Philosophy .
Rev. F.Boudreaux, S. J., Professor of Chem-
istry .
Rev. F.Lunemann, S. J., Professor of Physics
and Astronomy .
Rev. E, J.Keller, S. J., Professor of Rhetoric .
Rev. J.Halpin, S. J., Professor of Poetry .
Rev. J.Ross, S. J., Treasurer .
There are besides, nine Assistant Professors of
Latin, Greek, and Accessory Branches. (See adv’t)
Union High School
Locust, near Tenth St. Incorporaed 1863.
w.west C.Wilcox, A. M.Principal, and Teacher of
Latin, Greek, and Elocution . e.east M.Avery, , A. M.
Associate Principal, Teacher of Mathematics, and
Natural Philosophy . Miss J. e.east Beach, , Primary
Teacher . J. M.North, Music Teacher , and Capt’n
A. Hequembourg , Drill Master . (See adv’t.)
Washington University.
Southwest corner of Washington avenue and
Seventeenth street.
This Institution, incorporated Feb. 22, 1853,
comprises several departments. It is intended to
embrace the whole range of University studies
except Theology, and to afford the youth of the
west an opportunity for complete preparation for
every sphere of practical and scientific life.
The Collegiate Department , as now organ-
ized, while embracing a thogough course of liberal
culture, is unusually practical in its character.
The mathematical and scientific courses are ex-
tensive and thorough, and the modern languages,
especially German and Frehcn, are insisted upon
as essential branches of education.
In the Scientific Department , special provi-
sion is made for students who wish to prepare for
some scientific and practical profession without
pursuing the ancient languages. It embraces a
general scientific course, and special courses of
Mecnanics, Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy,
(with practical instruction in the Laboratory and
Observatory.) Higher Mathematics, etc.
The Academic Department , under the super-
intendence of Prof. G. b.between Stone, , has been com-
pletely reorganized and brought to a high state of
efficiency. Students are admitted to the lowest
clasa thte age of elven years, and to more ad-
vanced classes according to their attainments.
The regular Academic Course embraces five years,
and is specially designed to prepare students for
the Collegiate and Scientific Departments.
A Commercial Class is also embraced in the
Academy, for students who wish to prepare, in
the shortest possible time, for commercial life.
The Academic year 1863-4 began September 10, 1863, and ends with Commencemnet Day,
June 16, 1864. Semi-annual examinations, Feb. 1, 5, 1864. Annual examinations, June 9, 15, 1864. Senior examination, June 1st and 2d, 1864.
The Academic year 1864-5 begins Monday, Sep-tember 12, 1864.
For further Information application may be made to the Chancellor, or to the Principal of
the Academic Department, at the University Hall,
between the hours of 9 A. M and 3 P. M.; or to
the Secretary and Treasurer, at his office, Olive
and Main streets.
William G.Eliot, D. D., President .
WaymanCrow, , Vice President .
Seth A.Ranlett, , Secretary and Treasurer .
Wm.William G.Eliot, , JohnHow, , WaymanCrow, , John
M.Krum, , JohnO’Fallon, , JamesSmith, , Seth A.
Ranlett, , Charles A.Pope, , Thoams T.Gantt, , Geo-, , James H.Lucas, , Hudson e.east Bridge, ,
HenryHitchcock, , James e.east Yeatman, , Samuel
Treat., (See adv’t.)
Mary Institute.
Located in Lucas place, between Fourteenth and
Fifteenth strees.
A Department of Washington University .
Board Of Managers.
Rev. William G.Elliot, , D. D., HenryHitchcock, ,
Hudson e.east Bridge, , GeorgePartridge.,
s.south A.Ranlett, , Treasurer . (See ad’t.)