Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Washington University ,
University Hall,
cor.corner Washington av.avenue and 17th Streets.
WilliamChauvenet, Ll. D.,
Chancellor, and University Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy .
AbramLitton, M. D.,
Eliot Professor of Chemistry and Acting Professor of Physics.
Wayman Crow Professor of Physics .
Edwin D.Sanborn, Ll. D.,
University Professor of Latin and Classical Literature.
Hoyt Professor of Greek Literature .
Truman M.Post, D. D.,
Professor of Ancient and Modern History .
Charles A.Pope, M. D.,
Professor of Botany and Natural History .
William G.Eliot, D. D.,
Acting Professor of Ethical and Political Science .
Calvin s.south Pennell, A. M.,
Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy .
Rudolph L.Tafel, Ph. D.,
Professor of Modern Languages and comparative Philology .
George b.between Stone, A. M.,
Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory .
Assistant Instructors:
SylvesterWaterhouse, A. M., Adjunct Professor of Greek .
Nathan D.Tirrell, A. M., Registrar.
Tutor in Mathematics .
Thos. L.Eliot, A. B., Greek and Latin .
James s.south Water, , Latin and English .
Those.Slade, , English .
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Catalogues containing further information can be obtained from
s.south A.Ranlett, , Treasurer ,
(also, see Appendix.) N. E. Cor. Olive and Main Sts.
Equitable Life Assurance Society,
of the United States .
No. 92 Broadway, New York
Wm.William C.Alexander, , President . H. b.between Hyde, , vice-President .
the Assured in this Company have the great security of a stock capital, and all the
Profits of the purely mutual system. Polocies issued for life, or for a term of years. Also,
on joint lives. Also, non-forfoiting Policy. Life Policy payable by ten or less annual pay-
ments, without forfeiture.
s.south A.Ranlett, , Agent ,
No. 1 OliveSt.street , N. E. Cor. Of Main