Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Equitable Life Assurance Society
of the United States.
No. 92 Broadway, n.north Y.
Assets, $500,000.
All the Profits are divided Among the Polity-Holders.
The sucess of this Society has not been eqalled by that of any Life company ever Organized
either in this country or Europe. Its Cash Premium Receipts are larger than those of any life In-
surance Company conducted on the Cash plan in this country, with only one exception.
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Note:-Many companies distribute a large portion of their earnings mong their Stockhold-
ers, thus diverting a very large amount from the policy-holder. The Equitable Life Assurance
Society Divides its Whole Profits, pro rata, among the Assured-legal interest only being
Paid upon its capital, which, by investment, reproduces nearly the same amount. The Society
thus offers all the advantages of a Purely Mutual and of a Stock company. The Assured have All
the profits; there is a guaranty of a Perpetual Capital Stock; and its Directors have a Direct
pecuniary Interest in Managing its affairs with Prudence and Economy.
Penson Insuring at this time will Participate in the Dividend of 1864.
Office: 92 Broadway, New York.
William C.Alexander, President
Henry b.between Hyde, Vice President
WilliamWalker, 78 East Twenty-First street
HenryYoung, 28 East Seventeenth street
IradHawley, 47 Fifth avenue
JamesLow, Low, Harriman, Durfee & Co
WilliamWhitewright, jr88 Wall street
Henry A.Hurlbut, Prest. Second Nat’nl Bank
Henry G.Marquand, 37 William street
Thomas A.Biddle, Thomas Biddle & Co, Phlia
Benj. e.east Bates, Prest. Bank Commerce, Boston
John T.Moore, Late C. W. & J. T. Moore & co.
Hon s.south H.Phillips, Late Atty. Gen. of Mass
Hon Dudley s.south Gregory, Jersey City
Charles J.Martin, President Home Ins. Co
Thos. V.Smith, , late Henrys, Smith Townsend
John A.Stewart, Sec United States Trust Co
s.south r.residence Spaulding, . S. R. Spaulding & Son Boston
Hon. H. J.Gardner, Reid, Gardner & Co., "
William G.Lambert, A. & A. Lawrence & Co
Henry s.south Terbell, Terbell, Jennings & Co
James M.Beebe, J. M. Beebe & Co
PeterMoMartin, 168 Fifth avenue
George H.Stewart, Stewart & Bro. Philada
Henry H.Hyde, 95 State street, Boston
James L.Kennedy, 39 East Twenty-third st
JohnSlade, John Slade & Co
TheodoreCuyler, Philadelphia
James M.Halstead, Presideut Am. Fire Ins. Co
JohnAuchincloss, John & Hugh Auchinclos
Thomas s.south Young, T. S. Young & Co
H. , M.Alexander, Cummins, Alexander & Greene
George T.Adee, 40 Wall Street
Moses A.Hoppock, , late Hoppock, Gargutt & Co
George D.Morgan, 56 Exchange Place
Wayman, Crow, Crow, McCreery &c., st. Louis
Bennington F.Randolph, Jersey City
Thomas A.Commins, Cummins, Seaman & Co
RobertBliss, Stone, Bliss & Far
George T.Olyphant, Pres. Del. & Hud. canal Co
HenryDay, 47 Exchange Place
AlansonTrask, late A. & A. G. Trask
H. , V.ButlerH. V. Butler & Co
Daniel D.Lord, 47 Exchange Place
Edwin w.west Lambert, 330 Sixth avenue
e.east , J.HawieyCarter & Hawley
AlexanderYoung, , Young, Bros. & Co., St. Louis
SamuelHolmes, 4 Beekman street
F. b.between Cooley, , late cooley, Farwell & Co., N. Y.
Jose F.Navorro, Mora Brothers & Co., N. Y.
Wm.William T.Blodgett, Wm. Tilden & Nephew
D.Townsend, , Late havemeyer, Townsend& Co
William C.Alexander, , President . George. w.west Phillips, , Actuary.
Henry b.between Hyde, , Vice President. HenryDay, , Attorney .
Edw. w.west Lambert, M. D., Med. Examiner . DanielLord, , counsel .
WillamParker, , M. D., Con. Physician .
St. Louis Board of Reference.
WaymanCrow, ,
D. , C.Tandy, M. D.,
BenjaminKinball, ,
AlexanderYoung, ,
SamuelFenby, ,
George H.Rea, ,
Prof Wm.WilliamChauvenet, ,
Chas.Holmes, ,
Hon. C. D.Drake, ,
Co. T. J.Haines, ,
Herman F.Stinde, ,
Capt James b.between Eads, ,
e.east , O.Goodman,
Hon. Henry T.Blow, ,
Lewis C.Norvell, ,
Jonathan O.Pierce, ,
James H.Lucas, ,
Col. M.Sawyer, ,
Wallace C.Wilcox, ,
Hon s.south b.between Kellogg, ,
WarrenCurrier, ,
Major Edward P.Rice, .
Wm.William TodHelmuth, M. D.
Daniel r.residence Garrison, ,
Capt. JohnKing, ,
e.east , D.Jones,
Mack & Brawner ,
General Agents ,
Southwest Corner Main and Chesnut Srreets,
St. Louis, Missouri.
D. , C.Tandy, M. D. Medical Examiner.
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Physician attends at the Office daily from 12 to 1 O’clock.